Any CYBORG (Victor Stone) fans here?

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Just landed a chat with MARK SABLE, one of the few who is working on the cyborg mini due to come out soon.

This chat will be held on aol/aim.

If your interested and dont have either, is free to download and easy to use.

The room can hold up to 36 people total.

If your interested please feel free to p/m me with your aol/ aim screenname

the chat wont be for at least another 2 weeks though.

:rockon: :rockon: :rockon:


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Re: Any CYBORG( victor stone) fans here.

The only Teen Titans I've every got into was the Murakami cartoon.

As such, I have just this to say in this thread... BOOYAH! :D


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Re: Any CYBORG( victor stone) fans here.

Cyborg is pretty cool, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have any interesting questions to ask and would probably just take up space. Maybe next time though.

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Re: Any CYBORG( victor stone) fans here.

its tonight in like 45 minutes

if your interested you can instant message me

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