Any fans of Max Landis's "Kryptonian Epic"?


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Sep 28, 2020
If you didn't know Max Landis (writer behind "Chronicle" amongst other things) has spent the last few years creating his own Superman mythology on his Youtube channel. All of it spins out of his DC miniseries "American Alien" that was published in 2016.

Personally I love how he has created this character focused long running story about Superman and people around him. Its not for everyone an some of his versions of heroes are a bit out of left field (Barry Allen and Wonder Woman in particular) but the amount of effort he has put into this series is staggering.

He recently released "The Society: Endangered Species" a movie length story which is billed as the "penultimate chapter". Its also the first one to have a cast of some sorts, as most of the installments in this series are extended pitches.

Admittedly Max Landis's style isnt for everyone, but I really feel that this series is overlooked. If you want to get into it yourself then Start with reading "American Alien" and then watching through the videos. This playlist appears to have the best order

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