Anyone like Superman TAS better than Batman TAS?


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I have not seen Batman TAS, but I've seen clips, and my dad watched a little; he said it was good. But I have seen Superman TAS. I'm currently watching it for the first time on HBO Max. I've gotten up to season 2 episode 1... Brainiac is my current favorite character, as evidenced by my avatar...

Superman has the better theme song... the writing is funny (about a "purple monster": "Was its name Barney?") and it nerf'd Supes, which I wanna do when I write DC... I'm tired of Supes being a Marty Stu. I want to write as good as the DCAU, but my writing is just Justice League Action level right now... that's not what I'm trying to do. Josh has the more DCAU approach. I have a whole storyline for my DCU planned out and it takes approaches from the DCAU.

Lois Lane and Lana Lang are pretty... I love the '90s Japanese animation... do you?