Anyone pick up The Fantastic TPB?


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May 17, 2004
I'm weak guys - I certainly didn't need it because I have all the issues (and I was even disappointed with it toward the end of the arc), but I saw The Fantastic TPB in the store today and bought it.

It's actually really nice. The widescreen format deal looks cool all put together like this, and it flows really well. It sounds funny, but I noticed they took out all the "To be continued" teasers from the ends of each issue so it flows together. I've never noticed before if they've done this in other TPBs.

At the end it shows all the covers, and, strangely, Hitch's concept art for Johnny. Only Johnny, no one else. I thought that was weird.

But it's nice. I'd recommend it. :D
Don't have the money on redundant comics.
I'll skip the monthly Ultimate electras and buy that as tpb, though.
Was the concept art something we hadn't seen before?

I've seen it - it was released to the comics news sites many moons ago.

By any chance, could you put some of the concept art here?

No, sorry. It's one thing to post a panel of an issue but I don't think Marvel would like an entire page scanned and posted, especially when it is a special feature.
No. It's just the regular issues all glued together.

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