April fool's: Damage control


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Dec 10, 2005
So it's the day after April fools day, How many parks did you pull?How many where pulled on you?

Come here to Brag or vent.
if we keep this thread away from the UC pranks, then this can work.

That being said, the only 'prank' that was pulled was on TV shows i watched, both turned out horribly lame
My five year old told me I had a monkey on my head. *Almost* got me.

Then my 2 year old, who copies everything the 5-year old does, also told me I had a monkey on my head. Of course I knew by that point that they were trying to prank me.
You sure?

"Hey, that monkey has a Ross on his ***!"

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The maze that Watcher posted I sent to my roommate and my ex-girlfriend (who is still one of my best friends).

Got them both.
I fooled people into thinking I was moving to Chicago; the head of the Theater department at my HS, along with the directors of the show I'm in, fooled the cast into believing that, due to legal reasons, budget cuts and time constraints, our show had been cut from the upcoming One Acts Festival. :lol:
I came back from practice all sweaty, only to find out my water heater broke. I managed to wash my hair, but I couldn't get all the way in because of the cold. Stupid apartment.
Are you kidding? Cold showers are the way to go. Then again, i doubt anyone else keeps their a/c running at 60 degrees.

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