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I just started this manga, and it seems really good. I like the sketchy art style that this one is in, it makes for a great style. The story is decent, a good swordsman, finds friends who are good on the field of battle as well, (Except one of them who likes to faint at the first sign of aggression), and together they kick collective ***.

Not that far in yet, volume three, but there's plenty of blood and gore already.

Anyone else reading this?

Ultimate Houde

UC's Resident Genetic Recombinator
I see some of us in these characters

Ares is McCheese

Micheal is VVD

Baroona is Me

And the one who faints all the time is Iceshadow
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Congrats, you spend more time reading manga than I do.

But you may have beaten me, but can you, DEFEAT KALICKI!


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I've never fainted in my life.

I'll give this a shot after I'm caught up on Claymore. Yes, Houde was right about Claymore.

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Well, I'm nearing the end of the issues right now.

It's really good, a nice character piece. Each character is distinct, gets the limelight, and has a reason for being there.

My favorite is Baroona, a former gladiator champion, and a top notch fighter. He has the biggest conscience out of all of them, and they explain why.

Ares, the main character, seems one dimensional, but isn't. He wants to avenge his master's death, and is trying to get good enough to do so. He comes off as someone who doesn't really know the subtle power plays that are going on, but he does. He's also hoping to stop his friend's digression into bloodlust.

That friend is Micheal, a prince on a mission from someone to expand his horizons and become the best he can be. At the beginning Micheal seemed honorable, after defeating an enemy, he doesn't kill them, but you find out that was because he is building an army to conquer the country.

The last friend, Gohu, is a coward. Pretending to be dead when he really isn't, his purpose is a chronicler. He seems to be the one telling the story.

All around a good manga, with a decent cast of characters, and gore.

This is not Beserk lite, this is a different sort of story.

Ultimate Houde

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Well, I'm all caught up.

Some things happened that I didn't expect, but the ending seems to be near for the story line.

Ares is teh ****ed.