Astral Cats - Comic Book - Artist Wanted


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Jun 4, 2022
I am looking for a Magna Artist to work with me on a short story. It is about a race of cats who can travel using star light and moon light to different planets. In ancient times these cats were depicted as guardians of the spiritual realm in Egypt. But, they left this world, and now they have come back. With morality and spiritually with in a dangerous mindset theses spiritual cats can maneuver events, and shape behavior with people and spirits. These cats seek to find a way to gain the leverage once again as they contain bad spirits, and as they use their powers no one is the wiser with in how they do things.

I can send you a outline as well as that I could get to work on the pages. I have the first outline or run of the comic finished, and I was looking for an artist/writer to see if they would want to produce it with me.

You can find me here:
[email protected]
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