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Nov 11, 2006
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Does anybody here read this? I couldn't find a thread about it.

Anyway, this is one of my all time favorite series. I've been rereading it lately, some of these issues for the first time in a decade. I can't believe how long it's been around.

It's had some shipping problems, actually from the beginning of the series, but lately it's been published on a non-regular schedule as a series of mini-series and one-shots.

There's a new issue coming out, supposedly, this week, issue two of the second part of The Dark Age, their big 70s epic that was supposed to be Marvels 2 but Busiek changed into an Astro City story when there wasn't going to be a Marvels 2. Of course, now there is a Marvels 2, so I guess he had to write a whole new story for that.

I was just wondering if I'm alone in my love for this book, since I never see it mentioned here, or not. And if not, we should have a place to talk about it and with the newest issue coming out in a couple days it seemed like a good time to start one.

Also, I was kinda putting a timeline together but didn't know if it would be worth posting if nobody reads the book.
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I like Astro City. :)

But I have nothing intelligent to say about it right now. Perhaps a few posts later or something.
I'm interested, but I've never gotten around to reading it. I'll pick it up someday.
So I guess the new issue didn't come out today after all? At least mine wasn't pulled for me and I didn't see it on the shelf.

I hope I didn't miss it.
So I guess the new issue didn't come out today after all? At least mine wasn't pulled for me and I didn't see it on the shelf.

I hope I didn't miss it.

I just saw it. I'd say you missed it.
Well, apparently we don't have that many Astro City fans here, but I was doing up a timeline for it while rereading the older issues, so I'll just post it here instead of starting a new thread for it. It's about as complete as can be with the issues included in it, and contains the following issues so far:

Kurt Busiek's Astro City (Image) 1-6, abbreviated AC
Kurt Busiek's Astro City (Homage) 1-22, abbreviated KBAC
Astro City: Local Heroes 1-2, abbreviated LH
DC's September 11 book, abbreviated 9/11
Wildstorm News from February 2003, abbreviated WN

Updates to follow, since I already started anyway.
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- The Sea Blaze sinks off the Florida coast AC1 p.14
- Ironhorse first appears, "give or take a decade" KBAC4 p.10
- The Old Soldier is thought dead AC2 p.16
- Cardinal Enzio Grandenetti begins building Grandenetti Cathedral KBAC5 p.7
- Jeremiah Parrish, The Confessor, first comes to Astro City KBAC7 p.14
- The Old Soldier is thought dead AC2 p.16
- Cardinal Enzio Grandenetti dies, leaving Grandenetti Cathedral unfinished KBAC5 p.7
- Hiram Potterstone, The Junkman, is born KBAC10 p.7
- The Old Soldier is thought dead AC2 p.16
- Nordling's Department Store founded AC5 p.1
- Rosa Viacek Donewicz, mother of Steeljack, born KBAC15, p.15
- Mamie Didrickson, Augustus Furst's date to senior prom, born AC1 p.8
- Thomas William Kinney, father of Altar Boy, born KBAC9 p.20
- Alan Craig, The Silver Agent, born KBAC1 p.6
September 4 - Jack Meskin begins working for the Astro City Rocket AC2 p.6
- Rosemary Lucey, who would live in a disguised Kroseth IV, born WN 2/03
June – Biro Island Correctional Facility opened KBAC19, p.1
- Corliss McBride, a prostitute known as Trixie by Looney Leo, born KBAC13 p.14
- All-American and Slugger confront Time-Keeper and his Tempus Fugitives in the First National Bank on Novick Avenue KBAC1/2
- Last time the Old Soldier is seen until 1959 AC2 p.16
- Loony Leo is brought to life by Professor Borzoi's Belief Ray KBAC13 p.4-6
- Astro City rebuilt and renamed AC2 p.3
– Julius and Augustus Furst encounter Onggu the Omnivorous in Romania AC1 p.8
- Jose Manziano, future shooting victim of Carl Donewicz, born KBAC15, p.14
- Julius and Augustus Furst first defeat Kratorr the Invincible KBAC3 p.15
- Margaret Isles Kinney, mother of Altar Boy, born KBAC9 p.21
- Loony Leo's movie career ends, begins hosting children's TV show Loony Leo's Fun-Time Farm KBAC13 p.11
July – Biro Island Correctional Facility refitted with a wing for superhuman criminals KBAC19, p.1
- The Silver Agent begins crime-fighting career AC2 p.5
- Jeremiah Parrish becomes The Confessor KBAC11 letters
February 6 – Loony Leo finds Corliss McBride's body in the Moonglow hotel KBAC13 p.13
September 7 – Jack Meskin renews his Press card with the Astro City Rocket AC2 p.6
- The Lamplighter and The All-American retire AC2 p.3
- Max O'Millions forms the Honor Guard to battle the Legions of Midnight AC2 p.13
May - Eliot Mills witnesses the Honor Guard and the Silver Agent fight Shirak the Devourer AC2
- Irene Merryweather moves to Astro City LH2, p.3
April 7 - Atomicus prevents kidnapping of Dr. Vasily Petrov from the Atomic Research Laboratory at Fort Kanigher LH2, p.7
- Augustus Furst adopts Nick and Natalie Furst KBAC2 p.5
- Zzardo finds Loony Leo in the wilderness KBAC13 p.16
- Looney Leo fights Honor Guard as the Myth-Master KBAC13 p.17-18
- First verified appearance of Shirak the Devourer AC2 p.23
- Jack Johnson begins career as Jack-In-The-Box AC3 p.6
- Carl Donewicz, the future Steeljack, shoots Jose Manziano to death KBAC15, p.14
April 7 – Jack-In-The-Box exposes Whamco corruption and Silver Agent quells riot in Bakerville, joins vigil for Reverend King AC3 p.6
- The first time The Steel-Jacketed Man is jailed KBAC14 p.11
- Zachary Johnson, the second Jack-In-The-Box, born KBAC12 p.3
- K.O. Carson retires as The Black Badge and opens Bruiser's KBAC4 p.8
April 17 – The Assemblyman unleashes a giant robot in the barrio after being hired by El Hombre KBAC16, p.19
- Rosa Viacek Donewicz, mother of Steeljack, dies KBAC15, p.15
- The Silver Agent dies KBAC1 p.6
April 30 – The Old Soldier appears at the Fall of Saigon AC2 p.23
- Loony Leo cartoons begin airing on television again KBAC 13 p.21
September 9 – Jack-In-The-Box fights Morningstar, captures crime leaders AC3 p.6
- Hiram Potterstone, The Junkman, is fired from Edgeco KBAC10 p.6-7
- Steeljack imprisoned in Biro Island Correctional Facility KBAC14 p.2
- Natalie Furst marries Rex KBAC2 p.5
- Loony Leo's restaurant opens KBAC13 p.21
- Brian Kinney, Altar Boy, is born KBAC5 intro
- Margaret Isles Kinney dies KBAC9 p.20
August 10 - Construction begins on Wildenberg Center LH2, p.23
- Yolanda Costello, the second Goldenglove, born KBAC15, p.22
- Sara-Lynne Felton, eighth victim of the Shadow Hill Killer, born KBAC6 p.5
October 13 – Jack-In-The-Box killed in explosion taking down The Underlord at Torres Island AC3 p.7, KBAC12 p.3, KBAC19, p.4
- Samaritan arrives from the future, acquiring super-powers from the Empyrean Fire AC6 p.10
January 28 – Samaritan saves the Challenger space shuttle AC2 p.24, AC6 p.12
July 8 - Astra Furst-Zorus is born KBAC2 p.6, KBAC3 p.16
- Sean Hanrahan, the original Queen's Bishop in the Chessman and later one of Headstone's lieutenants, is jailed for racketeering, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit KBAC5 p.8
- Pete Donacek moves to Astro City LH1, p.4
- Pete Donacek saved from Ragged Tom by the Confessor LH1, p.5-7
- Thomas William Kinney dies KBAC9 p.20
May 4 – Zachary Johnson becomes the second Jack-In-The-Box after his mother dies AC3 p.7, KBAC12 p.3
- Crackerjack begins crime-fighting career AC5 p.18
- Pete Donacek rescued a young girl during a fight between Honor Guard and the Destructoids LH1, p.18-22
April – Sean Hanrahan is paroled KBAC5 p.8
-Slamburger jailed AC4 p.19
- Winged Victory sees her mother for the last time prior to her date with Samaritan AC6 p.18
- Tamra Dixon attends charity event with husband Zachary Johnson AC3, p.15
- Busboy who assaults Brian Kinney in alley begins working at Butler's KBAC4
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January - Benny, a busboy, begins working at Butler's KBAC4
May – Dr. Augustus Furst gives commencement address at Harold Jordan Memorial High School AC1 p.8
- Quarrel catches The Techsperts breaking into AstroBank KBAC10 p.2
August 7 - Jack-In-The-Box captures Brass Monkey AC1 p.7
August 8 – Samaritan prevents a typhoon in The Philippines, fights Pyramid assassins in Turkey, stops Dr. Saturday's attack on the Denver City Hall, stops the Menagerie Gang's robbery of Astrobank's City Center branch with the Honor Guard, ends a jailbreak at Biro Island, raises the Sea Blaze, rescues the kidnapped mayor of Astro City, receives and award from the Astro City Firefighters Association, and fights The Living Nightmare AC1
August 9 – Eliot Mills tells his story of witnessing the Old Soldier to a new reporter AC2
August 16 - Andrew "Eyes" Eisenstein sees Jack-In-The-Box's real face AC3
August 17 – Jack-In-The-Box breaks up one of The Middleman's smuggling jobs AC3
- Thunderhead destroys Draketown, Alaska KBAC1 p.11
November – The First Family battles Demolitia and the Unholy Alliance at Binderbeck Plaza AC4
December 11 – Cleopatra battles Gnomicron AC5 p.5
December 12 – Crackerjack helps the Irregulars fight a monster creation of the Scavenger Peoples, defeats Steel Devil, helps Nightingale and Sunbird against the Techsperts AC5
December 13 – "Mr. Bridwell" sends signal to begin alien invasion AC5
December – Samaritan and Winged Victory go on a date AC6
April – The Hanged Man visits Michael Tenicek to help him understand his dreams of Miranda KBAC1/2
- Thunderhead attacks Astro City after being tricked into believing humans kidnapped his wife, Helia KBAC1
- Astra runs away to enroll in Bolling Elementary School to learn about hopscotch KBAC2-3
- Mitch Goodman is hired to play the Crimson Cougar on Tomorrow's Dawn KBAC22, p.10
- Maria Alvarado runs into Esteban Rodrigo Suarez Hidalgo, the former El Hombre, at a charity event KBAC18, p.12
June 17 – Junkman robs AstroBank KBAC10 p.6
Summer – Brian Kinney leaves Buchanan Corners for Astro City, works at Bruiser's and Butler's where he knocks out Glue-Gun, begins training under The Confessor as Altar Boy, exposes Crackerjack imposter, the citizens of Astro City rebel against the heroes after Sara-Lynne Felton becomes the eighth victim of the Shadow Hill Killer, Mayor Stevenson initiates registration for mystic-powered superhumans then later bans all superhumans from Astro City, is later revealed to be an Enelsian shape shifter in disguise and his people invade Earth, The Confessor is killed KBAC6-9
November 6 – Jack-In-The-Box captures Junkman at AstroBank KBAC10 p.23
- Jack-In-The-Box battles The Box and The Jackson, and meets Jerome Johnson, his sons for potential futues, passes the Jack-In-The-Box identity to Roscoe James of the Trouble Boys KBAC11-12
- Loony Leo begins doing commercials for a car dealership KBAC13 p.24
December 25 – Heironymous "Hip" Flask in Astro City on the trail of Dillon "Candy" Kane KBAC15, Comicraft ad
– Steeljack released from Biro Island Correctional Facility, takes a job tracking down the Black Mask Killer, organizes Kiefer Square to protect the Mock Turtle from the Red Queen's Chessmen, defeats The Conquistador KBAC14-20
- Glowworm attacks Manny Monkton at Astrocon KBAC21, p.16-18
- Manny Monkton and the Bulldog Comics building disappear KBAC21, p.22-23
- Mitch Goodman gets fired from Tomorrow's Dawn after staging an attack on himself KBAC22
- Brian Kinney becomes the new Confessor KBAC9
November - Samaritan and King Missile crash into the Drake Towers 9/11
April – Honor Guard use Repli-Matrix crystal to rebuild Rosemary Lucey's house, infusing it with the essence of Kroseth IV WN 2/03
February 11 – Honor Guard captures Kroseth IV of Antares after he disguised himself as a ranch-style home WN 2/03
- Samaritan fights Dr. Nautilus' creature, Tentacus LH1, p.8, Crackerjack and Quarrel prevent the Sweet Adelines from robbing the Sprang Museum of Popular Advertising LH1, p.11-12, Cleopatra and Jack-In-The-Box rescue Mr. Jaseny from Demolitia and Slamburger at the Gleason Hotel LH1, p.13-15
April 8 - Flying Fox rescues a busload of children from the Bonebreakers street gang LH2, p.23
- The Box learns his father was Jack-In-The-Box in a potential future KBAC11 p.9
- Samaritan is sent to the past to prevent the Challenger disaster AC6 p.9
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I've read and thoroughly enjoyed the first two series and part of Dark Age. One of the best comics out there in my opinion. I look to them being collected in a HC format.....

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