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Jun 16, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
Avengers: New Dawn #1 PREVIEW

Steve Roger's commute throughout New York City had changed drastically after the emerald monster that was, in actuality, renowned geneticist Bruce Banner ravaged the Upper Bay. Where it had typically been a dull route, navigating through flocks of people where the only real hazard was making sure you didn't spill your coffee; now, it was an uncomfortable march where paranoia and fear radiated off of everyone.
Still, though, he trudged through the City towards a destination that was essential to visit no matter the condition – the coffee shop. It was a cesspool of information to that Rogers had become accustomed to more than even the internet. He could not only read about current events involving politics or celebrity going-ons, but could interact with different members of society who did the same. Rogers was a very logical, cultured man and therefore thrived on information and contemporary news.
Today, a television was airing a montage of footage, chronicling the recently late Charles Xavier. It channeled a somber mood, even in those in the coffee shop that resented mutants. Because Xavier was such an iconic person, sides were drawn in the sand – men, who want nothing more than to protect what they fear, might be taken from them by the mutants, and mutants, who now feel threatened, oppressed because they no longer have a backbone or voice. There was, of course, people that were apathetic to the climate between man and mutant and were therefore the most vulnerable. Rogers could sense this lingering in the coffee shop.
Steve didn't stay long; he found nothing in the papers that he hadn't already read about in the past couple of days. The coastal tribe of Wakanda had been seized by a group of terrorists, who were also responsible for the assassination of Robert Kelly and the provocation of Banner, the consequences of which affected Rogers personally.
He sighed, and left touting the paper under his arm and a coffee in his hand for his walk back to his apartment. The street was extremely congested; there had been considerably less pedestrians since all of the tragedy had struck but today was different. It was as if people were convinced things were returning to normal.
How wrong they were.
The ground tremored and sent Steve into violent episode, ending in his head-on collision with a mailbox. He rolled off of it and smacked on to the pavement of the street.
He looked around to see what may have caused it.
Masses of people stricken with panic were obstructing his view of the street.
There were men in black suits corralling people. One of them produced a pulsing beam from the palm of is hand.
A mutant.
The beam landed in the coffee shop where Rogers had been reading his paper.
He shuffled to his feet and joined the current of people vacating the area. He could only manage a jog because of how congested the streets were, but it was a steady pace and certainly safer than remaining on the ground. He looked ahead and his heart plummeted towards his stomach.
There were more black-suited men. They seemed to be jostling through the crowd towards Rogers. He flinched, but knew the impeding confrontation could work in his favor – at least, if he attempted to defend himself.
When one of the black-suited men was within arms reach of Rogers, he flung a fist in his direction. Unfortunately, Rogers underestimated the man – he caught his fist and wrenched his arm around.
"AARRRGH!" Rogers roared.
The two other black men swarmed around him and grabbed him by his limbs.
One punch from one of them stole Steve's consciousness.
Steve Rogers was a dead man.
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