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Jun 30, 2005
South Wales, UK
I'm going to start a quiz game. I will post 10 questions, and you guys PM me the answers to it. I will post the scores once I have all the entries and the winner of the quiz gets to be Mr Awesome in the next round and dish out the next 10 questions. The questions can relate to ANYTHING.

1. At room temperature, is Bromine a solid, liquid, or gas?

2. Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson starred in which BBC historical sitcom?

3. What band has released such songs as Leper Messiah, The Outlaw Torn and The Struggle Within?

4. The Leopard Gecko has two biological features that, while common to the subfamily Eublepharidae which it belongs to, sets it apart from other types of gecko. What are these two features?

5. Name the animated comedy TV show this line originates from.
"Nothing says obey me like a bloody head on a fencepost!"

6. What is the name of the first superpowered villain that Spider-Man encountered in The Amazing Spider-Man?

7. What mythological monster was said to be produced when a chicken egg was hatched under a toad or a serpent?

8. Name the film. "Get away from her you *****!"

9. What is the scientific term for an apparent "throwback" characteristic of an organism that reveals a trait of an earlier ancestor?

10. Who were the original members of Black Sabbath?

You have until midnight Thursday the 5th people.
I was the other one. I didn't cheat.


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