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Sep 26, 2004
I just wanted a new topic under FAntastic Four.. cos I was sick of the continuity discussions and stopped coming to this site for a month... and you were still on the same topic... so.. the awesome... whattaname!

I love seeing Kubert's work back on this comic... I hate immonen.. he reminds me of the first guy who did Spider-Man 2099 back in the days.. he could do some really great stuff with bodies and made Spider-man 2099 look awesome but any face that wasnt masked.. was typically pretty sloppy.. Kubert's is a lot more fluid.. in some ways cartoony which I know some people dont care for.. but it kind of adds a degree of lightheartedness to the comic that I appreciate.. which is the same reason I love Bagley on USM...

oh and I hope we get to see Annihilus in the negative zone.. looking forward to the next ish..
I really don't know why, but I kept laughing when I read that Johnny named the shuttle AWESOME. I still do a bit now, lol.
I love that part that was funny as hell. I cant wait to read the next of the story arc it's going to be great. Snoogans.
TheApostle said:
but any face that wasnt masked.. was typically pretty sloppy..

That's a great point; there was a lot of inconsistancy in the faces, esp. with Sue...I still enjoyed his work though.
Well, Kubert is a very erractic artist. Once he's given the right amount of time, he'll do well... For instance, he did GREAT the first UXM arc and blew the rest of his run, you know?
If I remember correctly, it was a combination of both Kubert's who produced the art for the first arc of UXM. The second arc was mostly Adam Kubert (with some fill-in artists), Chris Bachalo did half of World Tour, Kaare Andrews and Esad Ribic did a combined 3 of the 5 issues of the Hellfire arc, and there were several artists involved in Return of the King.

So...when you talk about "Kubert's run", which Kubert are you referring to? And what of their work on the title can you actually refer to as a "run"?
Oh, well, I didn't actually know that there were two Kuberts on the first arc. They have VERY similar styles, I guess. Now that you point it out, he was a filler along with the rest of those guys! ;)
They do have similar skills. For UFF #13, one did the actual cover, and one did the Sketch cover. At first, I couldn't tell them much apart, even though I knew who did which. It took careful looking to see some difference.
I can't even say I'm that big a fan of either Kubert's work these days. Both can produce some very pretty pictures, but their work is often hurt by the deadlines they are trying to meet. I think I prefer Adam over Andy, though, when he's not having to rush his work - like in the first part of Cry Wolf. That was some good art, but it kinda slipped as the arc progressed.
I do sort of notice the slippage in Cry wolf now that you mention it.. but that isnt the same Kubert as in UFF is it?
I think I like Adam better than Andy for regular comics. Like ORIGN and 1602 Andy is better. But Adam is a great artist too.
icemastertron said:
No. Cry Wolf was by Andy. UFF was done by Adam (for the arcs he did I mean).

Andy is much better, but more inconsistant with facial expressions. That's what I think, anyway.

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