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Aug 19, 2006
I recently bought and a run of comics on ebay and they all came with this bag that had like a sticky line that runs across it. All you need to do is but the flap of the bag on it, run your finger across and it sticks. No pieces of tape needed. Does anyone know where i can find these online? None of the shops around here has them.
Thats it! Thanks! I dont know maybe its an east coast thing??? No stores around here got em.The guy i bought from was from NY and so are these people. Hmmm.
the reason most shop owners won't carry them, including myself, is that they arn't cheap. ask you comic guy if he would be willing to custom order them for you...i don't even know if there in the catalog. when i get a chance i'll look up the item code for you...but don't hold your breath.
thee great one said:
I don't use tape. I tuck them in in the back.
Jesus, TOG! We don't need to hear about that.

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