Balls of Fury

Ultimate Houde

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They had a preview for this before Hot Fuzz

It's a cross of Enter the Dragon with Ping Pong and featuring the Cast of Best week ever


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I totally forgot about this!

This looks hilarious, so I'm going to see this opening night. That, and I watch every movie Christopher Walken is in.


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The best part of this is that I see the title and immeadiately think "Son of a *****.... Will Ferrell's making a movie where he's a pompous Volleyball All-Star" and then *BAM* a promising-looking comedy with Chris Walken!


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that movie looks funny i'm going to see it when it comes out

Are you just posting "that movie looks funny i'm going to see it when it comes out" to raise your post count? Maybe I'm just paranoid, but you said the exact same thing about Superbad. It's almost as if you copied and pasted it. I don't mean to be an *** or anything, I'm just paranoid....

Man, I'm sorry, I don't know what I'm saying....welcome to UC dude.

I don't really like George Lopez, I mean I prefer him over Carlos Mencia, but....I don't know what the **** I'm getting at here. Just trying to stay on topic.
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I saw the trailer for this last night , looks cool. I love comedies based on stupid (movie wise) sports. E.g Dodgeball and Blackball. So I will check this out

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