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how are the lost episode and Batman vs two-face both on here? and couldn't the Wonder Woman 77 crossover comic be included here as earth-66's version of Wonder Woman? while also independently serving to show earth-76's Batman?
also can you explain how codename action connects to green Hornet and why you left out the other green Hornet comics?
Batman '66 takes place after Batman vs. Two-Face as it sees Hugo Strange with a new identity as Doctor Hugo, Holly Quinn becoming Harlequin and Harvey became Two-Face for the first time (his evil side returned when he was scarred from acid in Batman '66: The Lost Episode).
Yeah but when you compare backstories on how his face got messed they completely contradict each other
His face was returned to normal at the end of the film, so there's not really a huge contradiction. They are two different occasions.
The NOW comics use elements of serveral Green Hornet continuities to craft a long lineage that dates back to the Lone Ranger. In that universe, Britt Reid II became the Green Hornet in 1968.

Additionally, the Radio series has characters such as Casey Case which conflicts with the 1960s Case. I am unaware of if there was any attempt to fix this, but really it doesn't matter. The NOW comics are seemingly a separate reality.

Dynamite's Green Hornet is set in the Dynamite Universe (Earth-818793 of the Marvel Multiverse).
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