Batman and the Outsiders


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Martian Manhunter looks ugly as sin in that. I'm intrigued. Catwoman, MM, and Cap Boomerang should make for an interesting combination of team-mates. OTOH, Grace Choi bores the hell out of me. And Metamorpho and Katana are just.... eehh...

I'll probably give it a look as long as Winnick isn't writing it.

Joe Kalicki

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I'm not buying anything new by DC until I know Kyle Raynor will be safe and good. Or, failing that, Bart Allen is back as Impulse.

It's not fair, but there it is.
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Victor Von Doom

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Yeah....spinning outta the latest issue of Outsiders (concluding Checkout). I'm seriously thinking about checking this out.

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I love this due to the fact now it has Batgirl.

I am glad she is back in a monthly book.

And Green Arrow is joining.

Ultimate Houde

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I wish they actually treated Batgirl with awesomeness, but instead, she is the hot slut on the team.

Seriously, walking around naked?

One Year Later ruined her.


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Batwoman > Batgirl

But seriously, she was with the girls, it's not like she's sleeping with everyone, like Nightwing did.

thee great one

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I don't argue the fact that it was put in there for sex sells value, but it wasn't that big of deal and I can see Batgirl doing that.

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