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Amazing that with The Flash we are heading to the "New 52" Multiverse and still we don't know how the post-crisis multiverse is organized, Wonderful!!
Are Batman and Batman Returns still canon ti Earth-97 or not at all?
It's more complicated because are we supposed to assume the events were identical entirely up until 1992 or just those specific movies? I don't know to be honest.

But yeah, Batman Forever is a sequel to Batman Returns.
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Probablemente ni siquiera sea Brandon Routh, e incluso si lo es, definitivamente no interpretará a Clark Kent.
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Dejando de lado el tema: ¿tienes alguna cronología de las series flash de los 90?
George Clooney and Nick Cage, actually. :p

Yes, I do.
Yes, I thought the same, I think Kilmer would fit better with Dean Cain and then Clooney with Cage.
Do you have a timeline of Steel from 1997? or Jonah Hex from 2010? or the Wonder Woman tv pilot from 2011?
If you have any, could you send them to me? I can't find them

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