Batman Forever is such a cool movie with annoying flaws...


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Feb 16, 2024
Here are my gripes with the movie.

The fight scenes are shot and edited terribly. Crane view, incomprehensibly close up, jerky cuts. Okey choreography though.

The villains are a bit tedious, but reasonably effective.

The Batsuit body is amazingly designed ( the best) but mostly out of frame or poorly lit.

Batmobile is such and such (don't think any movie has got that design down "right"). Not saying I know how that would look...The Batman and Robin movies car was cooler..

The movie has poor set pieces ( bland action scene of batman hunting in a car after having been off screen for 30+ minutes). Again, no Batsuit coverage, just his head.

The good thing about batman Forever:

Val Kilmer is the best Batman/Bruce Wayne. Simple, smooth, and good voice modulator as batman. Good looking man but not the perfect embodiment in pure aesthetics. Michael Keaton was a good batman but his Bruce Wayne was such and such. he was also too old.

The music is comparable to Elfmans which is an amazing feat.

The dialogue is intelligent, mature, and funny.

Joel Schumachers stylized direction is effective.

Do you guys agree?

Btw, how did it become the biggest non animated film of 1995 in the US yet still have a poor reputation? Is the public split on it?
So, Batman Forever, huh? I gotta say, I have a bit of a soft spot for it, flaws and all. First off, totally with you on the fight scenes. They could definitely use some work. I mean, what's up with those crazy angles and cuts? It's like they're trying to give us motion sickness or something. But hey, at least the choreography's not too shabby. And yeah, the villains, while a tad tedious, still manage to keep things interesting. Jim Carrey as the Riddler? Classic. Anyone know what movies are out in the theaters right now? Looking for something to check out this weekend.
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