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Si Superman 2 Donner's Cut continúa una versión de la primera película cuando el viaje en el tiempo no ocurrió, entonces técnicamente Superman: The Movie: Extended Cut no es canon para esa línea de tiempo.
Basically, they were working on both Superman: The Movie and Superman II at the same time, and the ending of Superman II was supposed to have the time travel. Lester convinced Donner to leave production on Superman II for later in case Superman: The Movie was a failure. Additionally, they wanted a dramatic ending rather than a cliffhanger, so they borrowed the original Superman II ending with the idea that they would come up with a different ending for Superman II.

Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut restores the cliffhanger and the original ending, thus taking from the original Superman: The Movie script, thus negating the time travel.
Earth-96 - Singerverse
Timeline Reasoning
Superman Returns: Prequel #1, "Krypton to Earth" is dated 1968 by backtracking from 1997 based on the Donnerverse timeline, with the assumption that the events were similar enough.

Prop dates from Superman Returns places the Earth-96 version of Superman: The Movie in July 1997.

The Earth-96 version of Superman II is possibly set in 2001 due to Lois and Clark being implied to have conceived Jason in this film, with Clark wiping her memory at the end of the film and seemingly leaving Earth soon after, with Lois starting a relationship with Richard White soon after and assuming Jason was his son.

The frame story of Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane" explains the backstory of the newspaper "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman". That newspaper is dated February 13th, 2005 in the film. The 2005 is inaccurate.

Superman Returns: Prequel #3, "Lex Luthor" is 5 years after Superman disappeared but before he returned.

Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent" is set shortly before and right at the start of Superman Returns.

Superman Returns has two conflicting newspapers, both state September 2006. The first is dated the 28th, while the second, days later in the film, 29th. I personally think the second is accurate as the shot of the newspaper lingers longer.

A version of Superman III is implied to have occurred in this reality, with Clark having gone nuts and fought himself. Lacy Warfield from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace is shown on the Daily Planet memorial.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is placed in 2019.

Superman = 0000CD
Batwoman = 475577
The Flash = FF0000
DC's Legends of Tomorrow = 0000FF


Superman Returns: Prequel #1, "Krypton to Earth" (pg. 1-20)
Superman Returns Chapter 2 (0:00:00 - 0:05:03)
Superman Returns: Prequel #1, "Krypton to Earth" (pg. 21-22)

Superman Returns: Prequel #1, "Krypton to Earth" (pg. 23-30)
Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent" (pg. 7-8)


Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent" (pg. 13-16)


Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent" (pg. 10)
Superman Returns Chapter 5 (0:17:47 - 0:19:17)

Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent" (pg. 19-20, 22-23)

July 23
Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane" (pg. 6)

July 24
Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane" (pg. 8, 10)

July 25
Superman Returns: Prequel #3, "Lex Luthor" (pg. 5)
Superman Returns: Prequel #3, "Lex Luthor" (pg. 3-4, 9-12)


Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane" (pg. 9, 11-12)
Superman Returns: Prequel #3, "Lex Luthor" (pg. 6)
Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent" (pg. 24-25)
Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane" (pg. 13-18)

December 25
Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane" (pg. 19)

Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane" (pg. 20)

February 11

Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane" (pg. 1-5)

February 12
Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane" (pg. 7, 21-23)

February 13
Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane" (pg. 24-26)

Superman Returns: Prequel #3, "Lex Luthor" (pg. 20-21)
Superman Returns: Prequel #3, "Lex Luthor" (pg. 1-2, 7-8, 13-19, 22-28)

September 26
Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent" (pg. 1-6, 9, 11-12, 17-18, 21)
Superman Returns Chapter 2 (0:05:04 - 0:07:33)
Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent" (pg. 21)
Superman Returns Chapter 3 (0:07:34 - 0:09:04)
Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent" (pg. 26-27)
Superman Returns Chapter 3 (0:09:05 - 0:09:49)
Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent" (pg. 28)
Superman Returns Chapter 3 (0:09:50 - 0:10:46)
Superman Returns Chapter 4 (0:10:47 - 0:16:31)

September 27
Superman Returns Chapter 5 (0:16:32 - 0:17:46)
Superman Returns Chapter 5 (0:19:18 - 0:19:46)
Superman Returns Chapter 6 (0:19:47 - 0:21:28)
Superman Returns Chapter 7 (0:21:29 - 0:25:22)
Superman Returns Chapter 8 (0:25:23 - 0:27:25)
Superman Returns Chapter 9 (0:27:26 - 0:31:10)
Superman Returns Chapter 10 (0:31:11 - 0:35:08)
Superman Returns Chapter 11 (0:35:09 - 0:38:48)
Superman Returns Chapter 12 (0:38:49 - 0:41:54)
Superman Returns Chapter 13 (0:41:55 - 0:46:48)
Superman Returns Chapter 14 (0:46:49 - 0:49:24)
Superman Returns Chapter 15 (0:49:25 - 0:53:49)
Superman Returns Chapter 16 (0:53:50 - 0:56:48)
Superman Returns Chapter 17 (0:56:49 - 1:01:13)
Superman Returns Chapter 18 (1:01:14 - 1:01:22)

September 28
Superman Returns Chapter 18 (1:01:23 - 1:06:39)
Superman Returns Chapter 19 (1:06:40 - 1:11:48)
Superman Returns Chapter 20 (1:06:40 - 1:17:12)
Superman Returns Chapter 21 (1:17:13 - 1:17:53)

September 29
Superman Returns Chapter 21 (1:17:54 - 1:19:41)
Superman Returns Chapter 22 (1:19:42 - 1:22:58)
Superman Returns Chapter 23 (1:22:59 - 1:28:52)
Superman Returns Chapter 24 (1:28:53 - 1:32:58)
Superman Returns Chapter 25 (1:32:59 - 1:35:48)
Superman Returns Chapter 26 (1:36:49 - 1:40:08)
Superman Returns Chapter 27 (1:40:09 - 1:44:30)
Superman Returns Chapter 28 (1:44:31 - 1:49:27)
Superman Returns Chapter 29 (1:49:28 - 1:51:51)
Superman Returns Chapter 30 (1:51:52 - 1:56:15)
Superman Returns Chapter 31 (1:56:16 - 1:58:33)
Superman Returns Chapter 32 (1:58:34 - 2:01:53)
Superman Returns Chapter 33 (2:01:54 - 2:04:36)
Superman Returns Chapter 34 (2:04:37 - 2:07:42)
Superman Returns Chapter 35 (2:07:43 - 2:11:40)
Superman Returns Chapter 36 (2:11:41 - 2:15:46)
Superman Returns Chapter 37 (2:15:47 - 2:19:37)
Superman Returns Chapter 38 (2:19:38 - 2:20:28)
Superman Returns Chapter 39 (2:20:29 - 2:24:05)
Superman Returns Chapter 40 (2:24:06 - 2:26:32)

December 10

Batwoman 1x09, "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 2" (0:23:22 - 0:24:12) [Pre-Crisis]
Batwoman 1x09, "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 2" (0:25:09 - 0:30:02) [Pre-Crisis]

January 16

Legends of Tomorrow 5x00, "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 5" (0:37:32 - 0:37:40)

Viewing Order
Superman Returns: Prequel #1, "Krypton to Earth"
Superman Returns: Prequel #4, "Lois Lane"
Superman Returns: Prequel #3, "Lex Luthor"

Superman Returns: Prequel #2, "Ma Kent"
Superman Returns
Batwoman 1x09, "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 2"
The Flash 6x09, "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 3"
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 5x00, "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 5"
Where "Krypton to Earth" is dated in 1968?page?
It's supposed to reflect the timeline and age of Reeve's Superman.
Superman the movie from the singerverse takes place around 1996 and 1997.


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I believe I placed it in 1997, for whatever reason.
I believe I placed it in 1997, for whatever reason.
Daily Planet_ Lex Luthor Gets Life prop newspaper from Superman Returns_.jpeg
It was because of this newspaper, which also appears in the behind-the-scenes clip of Superman Returns along with the rest that I sent you in order.
First in 1996 until 1997.
This clip comes from behind scenes from Superman Returns present on the Blu ray
So all the Superman 1 segments present in the Superman Returns prequel comic should be located between 1996 and 1997.
I think so, yeah. Batman '89: Echoes is coming later this month too.

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion, but I enjoyed the Superman '78 comic series far more than the Batman '89 series.
I felt that way too, I don't think it's unpopular
Batman '89: Echoes confirms that the Joker died in 1989 and that he's still deceased. I guess Barbara became commissioner Gordon by the events of Vol. 3 #135, that's fine. Also, Alicia is still alive despite her implied demise, which is cool.

Not a big fan of it so far. I kinda feel like these Batman '89 comics are just weird, and not in the Tim Burton way.
I mean, he stops being Batman for 2 years because Barbara Gordon blackmailed him with revealing his identity? Wtf? I can't even believe she's going to be Batgirl. I don't like this version of Barbara. The fact that Bruce also just rolls over and does what she want rubs me the wrong way too.

Now, Bruce has disappeared not telling Alfred, he thinks he is/is pretending to be Firefly (if I'm understanding the story correctly), and gets arrested? Uh... okay.
But maybe that's just me. It is the first issue after all.

On the other hand, Superman '78 reads like it's a new Christopher Reeve film, so still a fan of that.
In an interview with the Caped Wonder Podcast writer Robert Venditti said he envisions his comics taking place between Superman II and Superman III.
1. There was actually a tweet already stating this, so it was known. It was said that it might not hold true anymore (or something like that).

2. He calls it his head-canon in the podcast.

3. Bruce Wayne's cameo in Superman '78 suggests Bruce recently became Batman, and Dark Crisis: Big Bang retcons that into Keaton's Batman from the '89 comics.

So, unless Batman was operating for 10 years while still being a myth (possible I suppose - he had serveral suits prior to '89 events in the Flashpoint timeline), then it's most likely around 1989.

Then again, Bruce had to have time to build the cave and develop all the gadgets. It's not technically a contradiction to him having 8 sightings over 4 weeks in the film, it just means that he wasn't very active during that time. Plus, time for him to use the "first appearance" and "blue" suit from The Flash. 1979-1980 could work, but it would be a retcon.

Quite a coincidence that Bruce was supposed to look like an amalgamation of Keaton and West in Superman '78, and the first appearance suit has a '66 emblem. Not planned or anything, just a cool detail.
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Separate from all that the story of Superman 78 The Metal Curtain is bound to have historical references that tie it to the height of the Cold War.
EDIT I see you updated it. Obviously this is your timeline and free to do what you want.

For many years before The Flash movie even existed I envisioned the Keaton Bruce Wayne slowly honing the Batman persona before the events of the 1989 movie. Largely because he was played by an actor in his late 30s and looks it. He never seemed to be following the comic version who was recently returned to Gotham in his 20s and is working with Gordon a year later. Keaton's Batman was long developing in the shadows and adds to his mystery.
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For many years before The Flash movie even existed I envisioned the Keaton Bruce Wayne slowly honing the Batman persona before the events of the 1989 movie. Largely because he was played by an actor in his late 30s and looks it. He never seemed to be following the comic version who was recently returned to Gotham in his 20s and is working with Gordon a year later. Keaton's Batman was long developing in the shadows and adds to his mystery.
I think that can still be true.
Superman '78 003 (2022) (Webrip) (The Last Kryptonian-DCP)-012 (2).jpg
Say Bruce returned to Gotham in 1979, and went out as Batman for a few nights. Maybe it was only for a few days each month every year. He slowly started honing his skills, developing gadgets and the cave, building the Batmobile (Lucius Fox doesn't exist as far as we know), and after 10 years of slow, careful planning, he starts going out every night in 1989. Still works, I guess. The fact he's known as "Bat-Man" fits the first appearance suit from The Flash (assuming that element of Keaton's history is valid in the main universe).

It's a huge retcon though, definitely.

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