Batman/Superman Anthology Timelines

Do we know the Release Dates for Batman '89 Echoes #3-6 and Superman '78 The Metal Curtain #6?
Resurrection will directly follow the events after the 1989 movie, in a similar manner to DC Comics' own Batman '89 miniseries, as Batman's fight to protect Gotham in the wake of the Joker's death continues. Ever vigilant, Batman battles the remnants of the Joker's gang, but between criminal turmoil, the lingering damage the Joker's gas attacks had on the city, and trying to imagine a future for himself beyond crime fighting, he realizes that it will take both of his masks to try and pull Gotham back into the light: the cowl of the caped crusader and the wealthy pocket book of Bruce Wayne. But as he finds his desire to save Gotham becoming an obsession, and the forces of the criminal underworld growing more powerful by the day, Batman begins to wonder... could his greatest foe have survived their fateful encounter?
So, we're doing this then. Huh. Well, it's the third time they've decided to resurrect Joker.

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