Battle Of The Supervillains

Have I been here before? Oh well.

Magneto. Has, Is, and Always will be my favorite villain. Guy can be all sorts of crazy and I love his character (before it was ruined with him being a goody goody again).
Go Magneto!

For me this is an easy choice. I like comic book superhero movies. Ian McKellen is great as Magneto.
I've heard Alien Symbiotes have high traces of iron in their blood...
I sent in an e-mail saying that Magneto should win because he's not a crappy alien symbiote, he's awesome and he wants to eradicate the entire human population. Plus, Venom is so 90's.

Magneto 57% - Venom 48%


Our congratulations to Magneto for winning this hard-fought battle. We logged hundreds of thousands of votes over the course of the tournament. Some voted with their heads, others with their hearts and a few of you clearly voted while intoxicated. Though we received numerous poorly-constructed letters proclaiming no other villain could possibly be greater than Venom, it turns out we had a silent majority. It was not a close vote in the end.

As winner of IGN Comics' Battle of the Super-Villains, Magneto receives a year's supply of tuna fish and a free oil change.

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