Battle Pope


Jun 10, 2005
South Yorkshire, England
I am the Pope. Not that it matters....

Ok, who else picked up a copy of Battle Pope? I have to say I was pleasantly suprised by it.
The art overall I thought was very good, and the cover was done extraodinarily well, Moore is very good.
The story was great, I loved the little John Paul and Bruce bit, hehe, that was great.
Basically, for all of you that don't know, the story is that the Pope was a bad man, he smoked, had casual sex, and cursed. Then God came down, and it wa sjudgement day. Virtually no one was fit to go into Heaven, so they all stayed on Earth. Since they had no God, all chaos broke loose, and eventually Hell blasted through into Earth, and there was a huge war against the Demons.
The leaders of the Demons and Earth signed a treaty, saying no more demons were allowed in, and Demons and Humans would leave side by side.
Well, the Pope gets into a fight with a large Demon,
and one thing leads to another, and the Demon rips up the Pope. It is then that a humorous Jesus Christ appears with a gun, and kills the Demon. Then he revives the Pope,
and God appears afterwards, giving a message for the Pope to save the world from the Devil! (oh, and Jesus will help, too).
So, the Pope is a fat man, but now God makes him superstrong, gives him a cape and all that, and we have:

I saw the preview Newsarama I think, and it was funny as hell :D I wanna buy this >9
A friend of mine has had a Battle Pope t-shirt for years. Says something to the effect of Bring on the Whores with BP smoking a cigar. I'm curious, to say the least at Kirkman's first published effort. Probably pick it up sometime.

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