Spider-Man "Bengal draws Spider-Man."


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Found these over at Millarworld. Drawn by a person named Bengal. Never heard of this artist.

I just found out Marvel France (Panini) is working on some new project following Wolverine Saudade. It's a project written by the Saudade writer, and drawn by Flight artist, the extroardinary Bengal.





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Re: "Bengal draws Spider-Man.

I think his backgrounds are really good, but don't really care for his characters.


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Re: "Bengal" draws Spider-Man.

You can tell everything is happening real fast because of all the speed lines.


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C.B. posts:

Actually, that book's not being done for Panini... Bengal's doing it directly for Marvel, tentatively titled Spider-Man: Widow's Web. And his Spidey pages here aren't from the actual project, those are some samples he did prior to it being approved. Nice, eh?! Widow's Web's being co-written by J.D. Morvan and some American guy who also uses initials as his first name. :wink:

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I like it. I don't think I'd like it on a mainstream title (although I'm not even sure why I think that) but i do like it.

Notice no mask squinting.


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Notice no mask squinting.
That's cuz the eyes in every panel are so wide. Which, in turn, makes Spider-Man have a "Whoa!!" type look to his mask. :lol:
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