Best and worst moments in a comic book movie

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Jun 4, 2005
What are some of the best and worst moments in a comic book movie? I will start with one of the worst:

That's by no means one of the worst moments in a comic book movie.

Its pretty indicative of the quality of that movie and that movie was one worst comic book movies ever, seriously you could take half the scenes in that movie and they would all count as a worse moment. For that was worse moment, because I loved Punisher Max and seeing a scene like that makes you realize that this movie will be nothing like the comics in terms of tone.

The greatest superhero movie scene ever:

(And yes, even the pimp is fantastic)

Other great scenes:

- Superman: The Movie: Pretty much everything on Krypton, everything in the Daily Planet, the above scene and everytime Lois and Superman share screentime. Some of the Luthor scenes are great too.

- Superman II: The transformation behind the Daily Planet, the Paris bomb sequence, the final battle (which is much better in the Richard Donner cut) and the Jor-El scenes (more Donner Cut stuff).

- Superman III: "We're in biiig trouble. I say we're in biiig trouble." and the evil Superman battle at the end.

- Superman IV: The Quest for Peace: The UN Speech (and some of the battle scenes, even if they're fake-looking).

- Batman 89: The Axis Chemical scene, the plastic surgery scene (MIRROR!), the Fluegelheim Museum scene, the finale scene

- Batman Returns: The bat-signal shining in on Bruce, Bruce's entering the Batcave through the Sphinx statue. Nothing else.

- Batman Forever: Everything to do with the red leather book (including the deleted scene 'The Secret of the Batcave'), Batman meeting Robin, the scene in the climax where Batman saves Robin and Chase Meridian.

- Batman & Robin: The part after the end credits where the screen fades to black and we are free once more.

- X-Men: Wolverine saving Rogue with his healing factor.

- Spider-Man: The awesome opening credits, everything with the perfectly cast Uncle Ben and JJJ, the 'designing the suit' montage and the 'citizen reactions' montage.

- Spider-Man 3: The under-rated Stan Lee scene. The excellent parade scene, with the 1967 cartoon theme music being played triumphantly by the marching band.

- Iron Man: The escape sequence and the RoboCop tribute scene.

- Iron Man 2: The opening 'Shoot to Thrill' sequence.

- Thor: Thor getting his powers back and battling the Destroyer.

- Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - 'The Birth of the Batman' scene.

- Batman Begins: The training montage, Bruce re-discovering the Batcave, the "I'm Batman!" scene, Jim Gordon driving the Tumbler...and/or the whole film.

- The Dark Knight: Batman vs the Copycats, the sonar scene; Jim Gordon's speech at the end.

- Superman Returns: The Opening Credits, the Boat Rescue (that scene with the plane is over-rated).

- Kick-Ass: The diner scene (possibly my favourite superhero scene not involving Batman or Superman); Big Daddy in the warehouse (Nic Cage violently, beautifully apologising for every bad action movie he's ever made).
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pretty much any action sequence from any of the Spider-Man films (especially 2 & 3) are awesome.
xavier and magneto playing chess at the end of X-Men
Wolverine (and Colossus) defending the mansion in X-Men 2
"What's the point of all those pushups if you can't even lift a log off your chest?" Batman Begins (and Alfred in general in both films)
the origin story and training sequence in Batman Begins
Joker's pencil trick in Dark Knight
"A fall from this height won't kill me!" "I'm counting on it" in Dark Knight
the first time you see Two Face "What was that name they had for me down at MCU? SAY IT!" (Dark Knight)
Mark 1 Iron Man Armor (Escape scene) - Iron Man
Suitcase Armor, that spinning thing on Pepper's desk - Iron Man 2
everything in Brazil (Incredible Hulk)
emo Peter Parker Saturday Night Fever strutting. *shudders* as well as every part of Spider-Man 3 that wasn't action or a special effects shot
"Do you know what happens to a toad when it is struck by lightning?" from X-Men
varicose vein phoenix in X-Men 3
Hulk poodle (Hulk)
Ice puns (Batman and Robin)

- Superman: The Movie: The infamous 'turning back time' sequence. It's just a really gimmicky scene and while it has dramatic impact, the lack of consequences pretty much mean that Superman is omnipotent. Another moment I really don't like is the scene where we are introduced to Otis; which slows down the action a great deal and is basically ten minutes of characters who never appeared in the comics, who we don't care about.

- Superman II: The scene on the moon is really annoying, as the Zone Criminals are heard talking, the ship looks incredibly fake and the gravity seems a bit off. Other than that, the 'extra power' scenes are pretty dumb, other than the 'magic-kiss' scene which is under-rated and at least has consequences.

- Superman II - The Richard Donner Cut: The decision to include a screen test for the sake of a bit of confusing dialogue (all of a sudden Lois really likes Clark and considers him Superman's main competition for her affections?!) and the decision to include the already annoying climax from the first film.

- Superman III: The dreadful opening scene, every scene with Robert Vaughn and indeed, most of the film. (Surprisingly, there isn't really any scenes in Superman IV I can point at and say "That's really bad." It's just a poorly made film that I enjoy anyway.)

- Batman 1989: Most of the uses of the Prince music from the soundtrack. Most of the second act is really slow. I don't get why Alfred letting Vicki into the Batcave or the Joker being the murderer of the Waynes bothers people so much.

- Batman Returns: Where do I start? The Penguin's stupid origin; Batman being an invincible crime-stopping force of nature even though he just sort of walks around Gotham, Batman casually murdering people throughout the movie, "Candy Floss-Haired DJ Wayne" and the ridiculous (albeit hilarious) way he stops the Penguin, the dreadfully forced-in cookie-cutter "Bat Skiboat", Catwoman's origin, every time Catwoman is onscreen; the scene where Batman very obviously no longer has the black makeup on his eyes as he takes his mask off; the black bile spewing from the Penguin's mouth...

- Batman Forever: The Riddler's baseball sounds in the Batcave. I pretty much love every other second of this movie, even the admittedly silly parts.

- Batman & Robin: The scene with the bad puns. The scene with the bad ice puns. The scene where Batman has a stupid costume. Oh no wait, the whole film.

- Superman Returns: The depressing opening scene with Luthor screwing over an old lady, that came directly after the triumph of the opening credits ruining the uplifting feeling that came before; the cannibalistic dogs; Lex's plot; the confusingly inconsistent effects of Kryptonite; the dull third act.

- Batman Begins: Pretty much every scene with Tom Wilkinson and some of the scenes with Rutger Hauer, where the movie slows down a bit.

- The Dark Knight: Batman's 'skinnier' look is irritating throughout the movie, as is Bale's weird 'Bat-lisp' that absolutely wasn't in the first movie. Some of the bizarre, unclear moments that Planet-Man has detailed a bunch of times.

Iron-Man, Thor and a lot of the Marvel movies: The way they irritatingly refer to MySpace, Facebook or whatever other cultural trend is popular at the moment. These movies will be horrifically dated in ten years' time.

Kick-Ass: Every time that Hit-Girl is onscreen, the movie jumps the shark and is no longer set in the real world. I hated the finale climax for this.

Spider-Man 2: The terrible jokes, the awful elevator scene, the over-rated battles; the fact that the villain's motivations are pretty much exactly the same (he's gone crazy and thinks he's being manipulated by mysterious forces), Tobey Maguire's increasingly creepy, developmentless performance as Peter Parker.

Spider-Man 3: Again, no particular moment I can call out as being 'bad' even though it is a mediocre film overall. I even liked Venom and other stuff like JJJ and the grumpy landlord were better than ever. Even the infamous emo-dancing scene did actually make sense in the context of the story. Sandman and his excessively pretentious origin kind of annoyed me.

X-Men 3: The way Angel barely appeared in the film and didn't even wear an X-Men uniform (even though he did in the posters and on the DVD cover).

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Deadpool, obviously. The Weapon X scene was also extremely rushed and lacked the emotional resonance it should have had. But then, the way the previous films had set it up meant that it was always going to.
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