Best and Worst Ultimate costume changes

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Jun 4, 2005
Which Ultimate costumes were better then their 616 counterparts? Which Ultimate costumes were worse then their 616 counterparts (also which was the worst costume change in the UU)?

Now, just for fun, if any new characters from 616 Marvel show up in the Ultimate Universe, how should their costumes look?
As far as the worst goes...

Kitty Pryde's costume at the start of USM V. 17 and all of Magneto's costumes rolled into one for Ultimatum.
I like Thor's costume from U1/U2. Cap's U2 costume was the best. Also liked his WWII costume from U1. Wasp's U2 costume was best. Hawkeye's U2 costume was best. I think Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey had good costumes while Stuart Immonen was drawing them (maybe it's just his drawing style). Valkyrie from U2. Nighthawk from U2. Ant-Man from U2. Pretty much everyone from U2. I liked Beast when he was white and had a ponytail. I kinda liked Green Goblin as an actually goblin devil thing. Mystique looked cool when Immonen drew her. Doc Ock looked cool. Ultimate Electro looked better than 616 Electro.

I don't like Nightcrawler's costume. It's got too much yellow. The 616 red/black color scheme works better for him. Kitty's USM costume was bad. Didn't like Sabretooth's costumes. Maybe because of the artists drawing him.
One of my favourvite costume changes is Ultimate Mysterio, he looks far more creepy in the UU then he does in the 616 universe.
I know I'll think of an exception later but Hitch's Ultimates and Immomen's X-Men/Academy of Tomorrow were some of the best costumes.

As for worst: just about every costume in Ultimates 3.

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