Best Comic Book Superhero Movie of the summer

Which Superhero Comic Book Film of 2011 was the best

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I liked Thor best so far, barely beating out Captain America. Though shouldn't we wait for Conan to come out?
I thought it was Captain America hands down. Thor was decent, Green Lantern was disappointing (due both to how underwhelming it was and it's reception) and I never really got the love for X-Men.
I think the best one was Captain America, edging out Thor by a nose. Both jad a lot of action, and also a lot of heart, but Chris Evans performance really surprised me. I just saw Thor again on the plane movie --- that was a short trip! So fun...

X-Men: First Class was surprisingly good (I had no expectations of this film) and looking forward to the sequel of this "prequel"?(loved evil Kevin Bacon)

Green Lantern was not bad at all, but clearly the lesser of the four...too much CGI and an unconvincing Ryan Reynolds might have something to do with that...

I am looking forward to 2012:Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel (hopefully), Judge Dredd, Conan (wait thats still this year) and if Warner can get their stuff together, to see Flash, Wonder Woman joining Supes, Bats and GL in a JLA flick...

One can only dream...
I can't decide if it's Thor or X-Men: First Class. Thor had more to accomplish and less material to work from, whereas First Class was really refreshing considering it had three films before it (well, four including X-Men Origins). The only problem I had with Thor was Kat Dennings' annoying character, but since her character has really annoying parts sprinkled throughout the movie, it makes it hard for me to watch. With First Class it was all the creative liberties that were taken with the characters (like the original X-Men roster, and Havok's relation to Cyclops being unacknowledged).
I had to go with First Class mostly because I thought it accomplished more than any of the others. While I found Thor and Captain America to be extremely enjoyable (mostly because of the excelent casts) they were pretty standard as far as superhero movies go. First Class reignited a dying franchise without the aid of their most popular characters and applied it in a historical context. I also straight up think it had the highest quality out of all four even if I did really enjoy Thor and Captain America. Green Lantern blew.
I voted for Catain America. X-Men and Thor were not bad but Cap just had a better feel to it.

Cap for sure. But I also loved X-Men, and I need to see Thor again to see if I enjoy it more the second time around.
Well it comes out tomorrow here. So it can't be to much longer for you guys. Unless you live close enough to the boarder just cross and buy it.
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