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Who's the best comic book artist right now?

  • Frank Quietly (DC) All Star Superman

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Aug 3, 2005
Who's the best in the buisness right now?
Five from Marvel. Five from DC.
bluebeast said:
What has he done?

Seven Soldiers, Promethea, 52, Detective Comics, some other stuff I can't remember... but he's great. Like Bryan Hitch and John Cassady mixed into one.

I like most of the artists on that poll however, except for Turner and Sciver. They don't really interest me.

EDIT: And Finch. He's horrible. Immonen should be up there instead.
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I don't know his name so I'm not voting yet. but my fave comics artist is the one from Ultimate Spider-man. I love his art work.
sjmole said:
I don't know his name so I'm not voting yet. but my fave comics artist is the one from Ultimate Spider-man. I love his art work.

Mark Bagley.

I had to go with Hitch.
ProjectX2 said:
JH Williams III.
J.H. rocks. He's probably my number 2 choice, followed by Quitely, Cassaday and Ross.

I absolutely hate Turner, Sciver and Finch. I'm pretty indifferent to the rest of the list.
I say Finch. He's my dream artist on Daredevil someday and I'm totally jealous he's on Moon Knight. I love his action.

I have to give major props to Alex Maleev though. I've said it before I wasn't a fan at first but I fell in love with it.

Jae Lee turns me on too but only when the story calls for it so I can't say he's the best. Just a small treat from time to time for me.

Where the ****'s Dell'Otto??
TheManWithoutFear said:
For what?
For saying that Dell'Otto is better than Ross. That's just ridiculous. Dell'Otto is pretty good but he's absolutely nothing next to Ross.
Had to pick Hitch....

I've liked Immomen and Land in the Ultimate U

TMWF characterized Jae Lee perfectly - I wouldn't be nuts about him on a regular basis, but for a shadowy, darker story, he's a nice surprise
this question is freaking impossible. every artist has unique strengths and weaknesses. it's like acting who is the best painter. they all try to accomplish different things through painting, and the things they want to accomplish all require different strategies.

as far as pure skill goes, i'd probably say Ross. he knows the most about form, perspective, and all that jazz, and it is not like he lacks story-telling so much that his art gets boring and plastic (Land)

as far as style goes, i'd probably say Immonen. he's like a new Steranko. he gets lots of awesome things going on, and it just looks really really hip and stylish. i really think his nextWave covers are incredible, even though they all follow a general formula, as they continue to look awesome and different each time. i think he is the best graphic designer.

now in the middle lie artists which i think are the most enjoyable: Sook and McNiven come to mind. Both of them do really cool stuff with line-weight and detail and stuff (just came to mind: Immonen's lineweight is awesomly heavy), yet they have style. So as far as comic artists go, I think ones like them (probably McNiven) are the most suited for the job of making a generic comic, while others fall into more nichier roles (wouldn't want Immonen on Batman).

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