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Aug 24, 2006
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In an effort to create an original a character of character who you think looks particularly good. What kind of "good" is left to your imagination. Picture or link required.

My choice:


OK, technically he hasn't even appeaared in the comic he's from yet, but the plain and simple fact that he's a character in a comic about a freaking Candyland makes him a winner.
If we're going by "Oh my freakin' God get this person naked and in my bed RIGHT NOW PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU", Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Episode II is really cute. I don't like him as much in Episode III, cuz long hair is less appealing.


And in a much less sex-related way, teen Rowdyruff Boys from the Powerpuff Girls. Yes. I am obsessed right now.


Also, Bowser Jr. Innit he cute? Cute as in "aw, he's so adorable I want to just cuddle him in a way that does not involve sexual attraction" cute.

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I assume this is coolest looking not "Oh yeah i would hit that" looking so non of picks are there beacuse I want to Do them but instead i just like the look.

Cool looking male charracters I like the look of : top 3

1st Venom

2nd Darth Maul

3rd Stay puft

Reasons for each :

Venom - The second I saw him it instantly hit me "Wow this is going to be a cool character" and I was right. He looks like just this raw uncontrollable beast and It just works.

It looks like this is not just a villain that will hurt you but this looks like a villain that will slaughter you and love every second of it.

Darth Maul - First time he was on screen in Episode I , I thought oh yeah now this is a cool looking villain , when you see him with hood off as well the horns , the sith tattoos , the eyes it all works very well.

Stay puft - Might not be the scariest or toughest looking character but he did what he was meant to. He looked like funny kind of cute guy who wouldn't harm a fly which he was supposed to be like Ray said

I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay Puft!
and I still love seeing him even today.

Cool looking female charracters I like the look of : top 3

1st : X-men Evolution rogue

2nd : Poison Ivy

3rd : Asajj Ventress

Reasons for each :

Evolution rogue - As weird as this might sound I never really liked Rogue untill the films came out then Evolution showed us the more gothic version of Rogue and it was just very very cool.

Poison Ivy - She normally is meant to look very sexy but the fact that is part of her trap is great , the leaf themed costumes and outfits are great. Red hair with pale skin normally not cool looking but on Ivy it is.

Her whole look comes together nicely.

Asajj Ventress - most females villains are these long haired gorges women. Asajj is a bald tough looking chick. She actually looks like she could **** you up and would if you messed with her.

She was originally the concept of the villain for Episode II of star wars but they picked Darth Tyranus who is no where near as cool. Thankfully she found her home in the EU as like i said cool looking character and just a cool character all round.

Name: Invincible/Mark Grayson
Reason: I love this character's suit. It's contemporary and vintage at the same time. Mark looks like a powerful Superman-like warrior and a Spider-Man-like weakling at the same time. It's great.


Name: Victor Von Doom
Reason: This is a serious guilty pleasure of mine, but I really love Doom's suit in the first film (in fact, I just love the character in both films). Everytime I see the suit, I just think "Damn, he's gonna' kick ***,". I think the suit and the actor are highly under-rated.


Name: Wolverine/Logan
Reason: I think Logan's movie-suit is under-rated and underused in the trilogy. It's an awesome suit and it really suits him. I think the jeans-and-leather-jacket-combo is over-rated.


Name: Batman/Bruce Wayne
Reason: It's difficult to find a picture that does this suit justice, but I really love it, probably a lot more than the suit in the new movie. I think it's the best Batman suit to date, in any medium and it really suits the character. I love the way the mask is sculpted, the way the neck is really long and creature-y. The only thing I don't really like is the artificial-looking abs.

Name: El Zorro/Alejandro Murieta

Reason: Just thought I'd throw this in as well. I love the way Zorro looks in both movies, especially the second one.

EDIT: I didn't notice those 'additions' when I found the pic. Enjoy!
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His costume just feels "real," y'know? Like you could easily make it yourself at home (which I did).


Yeah, I felt the same way about the Scarlet Spider, while playing the old Spidey games for PSOne. I always thought his outfit looked more contemporary and realistic as a suit that someone on as tight a budget as Peter Parker (or 'Ben Reilly' as the case may have been) could afford to design and make. Nowadays though, it just looks tragically 90s.
Almost forgot, Master Chief...
... who gets major props for having the huge potential to look like a Power Ranger and still ending up looking like one of the biggest badasses in all of videogames.

And, The Arbiter....
... who, despite being an 8' 6" virtually non-humanoid alien, manages to look as heroic, regal and inspiring as any human character could.
I don't know why, but I always find characters using eyepatch extremelly cool.
My Top 3 that I can remember now are...


First Final Fantasy character that I just loved. He is like a legend in his land and keeps his promises even if it kills him. Even after death this guys continues to be awesome. His samurai style is great, his personality is just cool.


Naked Snake (Big Boss)
Forget about Solid Snake, this one is THE guy. He ****ing made his own country! Everyone wants his DNA... The eyepatch gives an extra charm.


Xiahou Dun (from Dynasty Warriors 4, he looks much cooler in this game than in the others)
Cao-Cao's right arm, he got hit in the eye with an arrow and kept fighting still. You can't get much cooler than that!

and a bonus:

His story is not that great, but his outfit and his sword are freaking cool. :D
Squall Leonhart - FFVIII


And he still looks freaking awesome in the Kingdom Hearts series...


I need to think for more...
What I love about Xiahou Dun, is that he's a historical figure who actually took the arrow to the eye, ripped it out and ate it.

That's hardcore right there

As for characters, I'll add my own

Doc, in WWP they had a Gunsword modeled after Squalls. Looked cool.

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