Spider-Man Best team up ever.


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Spidr-Man/Colbert team up



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Stephen Colbert may be ten times cooler than Jay Leno, but I doubt this is going to any better than the time the latter teamed up with Spider-Man.

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Ah, never heard of him or that show.

The Colbert Report is a political humour show. It's pretty funny. He pretends to be ultra conservative so he can make fun of conservatives (i'm conservative and I find it funny). The reason he is going to be in Spidey is b/c he is a big marvel fan. He's had Joe Quesada on his show several times and even "inherited" captain america's shield after Cap died. There have been billboards and such in the background of marvel comics for a few months now for
"Colbert 08" He's running for president in the Marvel U (616)

British humour is still funnier than anything America could ever put out.

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