Victor Von Doom

Fist of teh Internets.

Yours truly has been named the Greatest Villain!!!!! It was a long tough battle.......but in the end........I claim teh big W.

I'd like to thank my mom for always believing in dad for showing me how to be strong.......and oh yeah--Jesus for well you know. :lol:

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TheMouseWalksFreely said:
So Money and you don't even know it.

Best villain, yeah, whatever.
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Magneto should have won.

Doom wants to conquer the human race. Magneto wants to destroy it.

Wait-a-second, wasn't this between Magneto and Venom anyway? How the hell did Doom win?


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Doom deserves it. If it came down to the two of them. Magneto has somewhat good intentions inside his own head. Doom is just a selfish dick.


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:heart: Doom :heart:

The most easily enjoyable villian. Theres just somehting great about watching a selfish prick try and take over the world and lose over and over because he can't see past his own nose.

Ever read Emperor Doom? Great stuff there. Purple man and all.

:heart: Doom :heart: