Beyond Series Discussion (Spoilers)


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ultimatedjf said:
It's not that I don't want to spoil it for you guys, it's just that my copy of the issue is two flights of stairs away from me right now, and I usually like to have the comic right by me when I'm summarizing it.

And don't start criticizing my laziness now, 'cuz.... well, I'm not gonna accuse you guys of anything right now. I'm having a "not-so-sucky" day and am high on life at the moment, so no accusing anyone of anything.

Except Big Bird for killing Mr. Hooper while he sleepwalked. That's right, Caroll Spinney, I'm on to you.
I wasn't talking about you. I just said that in general when others do it, that they could, but don't. Obviously it's not the same as you, since you explained, but it never was about you. :?
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Ice said:
Yeah, I hate when people do that. Don't want to spoil, even though its a spoiler thread.


Are you going to make me dig up that thread where everyone was asking someone to spoil the issue because it was a spoiler thread, and you said they didn't have to?

'Cause I will, and I will laugh at you again.


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Just one question...when does this series take place? I mean, it's a good story, don't get me wrong, but is this before or after Civil War?