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They should give the movie to Brad Bird and Pixar. That would be the best possible Shazam! movie.
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I wouldn't mind Brad Bird trying it in live action.

Actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson talked to Moviefone and told them, "I'm not too sure where it's at right now, to be honest with you. There was a considerable amount of creative differences between the script that came in and the tone and the direction that the studio wanted to take the movie. So I believe we went back to square one, but Pete's got great ideas, and I'm pumped to work with him again."
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They should give the movie to Brad Bird and Pixar. That would be the best possible Shazam! movie.




Shazam is destined to be a light-hearted, family-friendly superhero comedy anyway and it would be best suited to a Pixar film, in that regard.

That being said, I would still love to see The Rock in a live-action version, whether he plays Black Adam or Shazam himself.
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I believe this is part of this movie (though CBR says it's "Billy Batson and the Power of Shazam"):


Looking forward to seeing John August's version of the character go toe to toe with the Rock as Black Adam? Well, forget about it, or so August said on his blog. He wrote, "By the time I got back, the project was dead. By 'dead,' I mean that it won't be happening. I don't think it's on the studio's radar at all. It may come back in another incarnation, with another writer, but I can say with considerable certainty that it won't be the version I developed." This is unusual given a fairly recent press release confirming Peter Segal would be directing August's script.

This worries me.

Keep your Dark and Edgy out of my shazam, thank you very much...

When we turned the new draft in to the studio, we got a reaction that made me wonder if anyone at Warners had actually read previous drafts or the associated notes. The studio felt the movie played too young. They wanted edgier. They wanted Billy to be older. They wanted Black Adam to appear much earlier.

(I pointed out that Black Adam appears on page one, but never got a response.)

I expressed my frustration that I'd wasted months of my time and a considerable amount of the studio's money on things that should have been discussed at the outset. I asked for a meeting with the executive in charge. He and I had one phone call, then I got a new set of notes that didn't gibe with what we had discussed. (The written studio notes, I will say, were well-considered. I disagreed with the direction they were taking the movie, but they were thorough and self-consistent.)

In retrospect, I can point to two summer Warner Bros. movies that I believe defined the real issue at hand: Speed Racer and The Dark Knight. The first flopped; the second triumphed. Given only those two examples, one can understand why a studio might wish for their movies to be more like the latter. But to do so ignores the success of Iron Man, which spent most of its running time as a comedic origin story, and the even more pertinent example of WB's own Harry Potter series. I tried to make this case, to no avail.

I was under contract to deliver one more draft. So I took them at their (written) word and delivered what they said they wanted: a much harder movie, with a lot more Black Adam. This wasn't "Big, with super powers" anymore. It was Black Adam versus Captain Marvel, with a considerable push into dark territory and liminal badlands like Nanda Parbat. It wasn't the action-comedy I'd signed on to write, but it was a movie I could envision getting made. The producer and director liked it, and turned it in to the studio while I was in France.
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A Brad Bird/Pixar film based on that Jeff Smith mini would be amazing.
Cause Johns write live action?

I think Smith can write the film.

I don't know what your question means but Johns is familiar with live action scripts and the character, so it makes sense for him to be involved in the writing process.

I'm sure Smith could write a great Shazam film too but I don't know if he would be suitable for a live action film. Also, I'd much prefer him to do his own stuff.

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