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Nov 30, 2004
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I don't know why I picked this up but I'm not disappointed.

Basically we're briefed on Blade's origin. And we see Spider-Man's been converted to a Vampire along with a bunch of children.

Blade easily defeats everything even killing the kids. Spider-Man's radioactive blood will cure him within hours he tells SHIELD.

SHIELD comes to clean the mess up but Blade knows something is different with some of the personel. Apparently vampires have infiltrated SHIELD. Blade cleans out a SHIELD Hellicarrier and blows it sky high.

In the end we learn that some major political figures are involved too and one of them seems to be Blade's father...

This was a complete and utter waste of paper. Someone needs to stop allowing Chaykin to draw. His art is ALWAYS horrible.

The story itself wasn't bad per se----but it just wasn't needed. Vampires involved in political conspiracies? Weak sauce.

It doesn't look like Blade will ever find his nitch in comics.

This was another fun but unnecessary issue.

Doom summons Blade because Doom's told a bedtime story that a guy with a gash in his cheek saved his then pregnant mother. Blade is very reluctant but as Doom tells him, he already has done what he's about to do. Doom sends him back in time via magic and Doom begins to fight through this Castle filled with Vampires to save Cynthia Von Doom. The entire time he swears he's going to kill the mother to save the world from ever having to deal with Doom to begin with. But without the gypsie's help there will be no escapeing so a deal is brokered and they both escape. Blade returns to the present where he threatens Doom. Doom makes a deal with him that he'll give him a vial that will cure him of his bloodlust.

At the airport when Blade's baggage is being checked it is shown that he's accepted the offer and is carrying the vial back home.


Nothing really impressive.
blade has put on weight :lol:

issue 3: great opener with the whole dating thing leading us to believe he had taken what doom had offered him.
i thought the scene with the 2 detectives arresting and interrogating blade was pretty damn funny too

"we`re gonna show you our cards and you`re gonna fold"
"like a deck chair"

i think though, i would like to have seen Blade end up in rykers
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