Brett Ratner needs to stop

Re: Brett Ratner needs to die

Oh dear God! *vomits and dies*

The whole point of the Joker in that movie is that we don't know his origin, he's a force of nature. We don't care how he came to be, he just is. I wouldn't want Christopher Nolan to make a spin-off featuring the Joker's origin, much less this guy.

I didn't despise X3 completely, but good God, if this happens ....

Well, I think it's safe to say it won't. But still, the very thought makes me cringe.
Re: Brett Ratner needs to die

This idea sucks IMO and I'm looking forward to venom spin-off :lol:
He also wants a Storm spinoff.
You're not a true Brett Ratner hater until you know how badly he wanted to rape the Superman franchise and leave its shaken body in a bush on the side of the freeway. This is just a taster. Here's the unborn bastard child. I still can't believe Abrams was involved in this.
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He's the Uwe Boll of comic book movies.


Brett Ratner is a terrible director for the most part...

...but don't flatter Uwe Boll.



I mean...come on.
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