Bryan Singer's X-Men Arc News


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I dunno. This is the same website that 'announced' Adam Hughes had finished the first issue and half of All-Star Wonder Woman (written by Geoff Johns).

This was about a year ago they said this. And it was very, very, incorrect back then.


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Well I'd ****ing hope so.

Otherwise - gorram it, you'd be a hard man to convince of anything. :D


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Eh, I don't not want him on the title. I'm willing to give him a chance to bring a big steak dinner to the comic book table feast. And if not I'll just eat leftovers... :(


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I actually care to the point that I DO NOT want him on the title. Never did.


It didn't interest me in the first place, and once it was disclosed that he would be using 2 ghost writers I got to the point where I didn't want him on it. That combined with the report that the title was being changed to "Bryan Singer presents Ultimate X-Men". Hopefully that's off the table.


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okay, let me dream for a moment.

Kirkman does two more arcs, With Singer working on his big arc, to be followed by Kirkman taking over Ultimate Spider-Man and Millar returning to UXM.

In reality, we're probably going to run into the singlemost delayed run on UXM yet.


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Kirkman is FINALLY getting somewhere in this book. AND THEY'RE JUST KICKING HIM OFF FOR SINGER!

I don't care, I will kill to not have him on this book. It will delay the hell out of it and in no way will it be worth anything.

Especially if the title changes.


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I'll still give it a chance. I'm not a fan of havin the title to be "Bryan Singer Presents..." either.

And I'm a person that always gives credit where credit is due. I hate it when that's not done. Far as it has go, that's what's being done here. Singer being credited for something he didn't write. He plotted. That's it. He may have suggestion for when it's being written out, but suggesting isn't writing.

Anyways, I guess McNiven isn't doing the art anymore? :(


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I want him on the title. I want to see an arc or two written by him. The only thing I'm worried about is delays. And continuity but I have faith in him that he'll have it down by the time he picks it up.


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I really wish I could care anymore. But, the fact that the arc has been announced and not done once (Was it officially cancelled?) coupled with me not reading UXM anymore... Meh. BKV was writing to lead into Singer's run. Chances are whoever takes over after Kirkman probably will be too.


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I didn't even realize Kirkman was leaving.
Well, that was my point. (I don't think the Singer arc will happen.) However, I don't know anything about the title recently. (Haven't been reading, so haven't been reading about.)

And yes, at some point Kirkman will leave the title. (He's not Bendis.)

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At some point he'll leave, but I haven't heard anything about it.

He started out writing fill-ins for Singer (so did Vaughan) and I guess he'll probably end that way too.

I wonder if Singer's making changes to his story to reflect everything that's happened since it was originally conceived or if there's going to be a big reset button pushed right before he shows up.

I really, really hope this never happens. Just give Singer his own ocntinuity-free X-book. Heck, make a movie-based title. Anything else, really.
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let's all remember the last "Great writer from Hollywood" Joe Quesada brought in to do a Ultimate title.... it never got past issue #2!

This is one half of me: :( because I don't think it will ever get done

This is the other half: :lol: because it will blow up in Marvel's face...again!