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Feb 16, 2005
Some of you older folks might remember Fred Hembeck and his tongue in cheek Marvel in-house parody work from What The--? and Marvel Age. Well, if you haven't seen it yet, you should really check out Bullpen Bits by Chris Giarusso, which used to appear randomly in Marvel Comics from 1999-2001. He also seems to have an affection for Hawkeye. :D

It's amusing stuff that combines the visual style of Peanuts, a tongue in cheek love for classical Marvel 616 tropes and a dash of corny referential humor. Thankfully, the webmasters at Marvel forgot to take it down after the new revamp of the site. Here're a few choice gags:

Yo Hero, You Need A Haircut!

Love In the Time of the Cosmos' Destruction

Because Black Goes With Anything

Thanks to the second link, I am now stuck with the mental image of Thanos getting jiggy with Gaiman's version of Death, using the Infinity C*ckr*ng. Eww. :dead:
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haha, thing is, I didn't have that image before, but I do now. And I at least am finding the image rather interesting.

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I also remember some of these. Some are funny while some are stupid.
Haha - yeah!

Didn't this guy also draw something for the Fantastic Four #500 Director's Edition?
No, that was Fred Hembeck of What The...? fame. This guy is Chris Giarusso.

Delayed reply. OMG.

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