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May 17, 2004
"Smack! Blam! Crash! Comic-book fans can now get closer to their favorite illustrated superheroes with Digital Comic Books."

Termed a Digital Comic Book (DCB) this DVD product is a cross platform for comic books, videogame consoles, and DVD players. A DCB combines the visual art and storytelling ability of published comic books with professional voice-overs, original music, vivid stunning effects and high-end sound design to create a unique DVD product on par with a major motion picture release.
Each DCB contains a five to eight issue comic story-arc and at half the cost of the printed version, the value speaks for itself. Plenty of extra material is packed in as well: trailers, character biographies, original sketches, a documentary about how comics are made, and bonus chapters (including classic first appearances of the main characters). This all adds up to over 100 minutes of viewable material per DCB. Viewable on DVD, Playstation2, Xbox, MacOS 9.2, and PC.

Two of the best-known comic book publishers in the world, Marvel and CrossGen, have provided their most popular properties to these DCB. Character titles include: the Incredible Hulk, Ultimate X-Men, Daredevil, Wolverine, Negation, Sojourn, and Way of the Rat.

Digital Comic Books have received numerous accolades from the press and outstanding reviews praising this entertaining product.

Ultimate Daredevil/Elektra – Volume 1 - $12.99
Wide-eyed Elektra Natchios arrived at Columbia University with a fourth-degree black belt in Karate, but a white belt in life experience. Raised by a loving single father in Queens and a martial-arts master in the dojo, Elektra has risen to the challenges of freshman year. Still, she wasn't prepared for the romantic free-fall she would plunge into after meeting Mathew Murdock, a blind pre-law student who just happens to be more than he appears.

But following her brush with a campus menace, Elektra hungers for revenge. When the stakes are raised, which will she choose: the man she loves...or her own brand of justice?

It's Elektra as you never seen her!
i bought the ultimates one of thoose if the voice acting and sound effects weren't insanely cheap cheesey and down right crap it might have been good so when it comes down to it if you want to enjoy thoose storys just buy the tpb's reading is fun
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