Mar 13, 2006
I had an idea not unlike that of Dr Strangefates, but you can still make him related to Jean by making him her uncle decorated warhero Nathan Grey, my idea was to have Cable as a grizzled old war horse who led, yes, i chose X-Force as well, a black-ops team watched over by SHIELD and Nick Fury, the team would have consisited of a former German mercenary, Maverick, a former CIA assassin, Deadpool, and mutant SHIELD operative Domino, a small and effective team led by the savior of the world. But Bendis killed my idea when he decided to introduce Deadpool into the Ultimate Universe.
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A real, resistance fighter from the future Cable is a distinct possibility now that they've got the Fantastic Four tearin' *** around time... But it's not a good idea to bring him in yet. There's so much to be done with the Ultimate X-Men before they bring him along, because he'll change the entire team's status quo. He'd be one of those big summer events, you know?