Captain America: The Chosen


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Has anyone read this? It's pretty basic for most of the issue. It's about a soldier in Afghanistan fighting Al Quada when all of a sudden Captain America comes in and helps. When the soldiers regroup, the main character explains that Cap helped him win, but no one else saw him. The soldier is sure Cap is there with them, and then we cut to Captain America, lying on a bed connected to medical equipment, with a TV screen of the soldier on top of him, and Reed and some nurse watching him...

What the ****? Is this is continuity now or what? I'm going to be reading the rest of this just to know what that ending is all about.


Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s
Hmm... so I guess he's dying and Reed is somehow transporting his image/personality to Afghanistan.

I'm so confused.


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I just read this and I agree with Proj - incredibly confusing.

It was actually a good story up until it showed Cap, in uniform (?!), hooked up to machines like he was being kept alive.

I just don't get the point.


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It's not continuity, as far as I understand it.

David "Rambo" Morrell just got to play in the sandbox.

And yeah, this first issue was confusing as Hell.


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I just read the third issue, I read the second and really liked it. I liked the character Cap has chosen and wouldn't mind him being the new Captain America, he has good potential. I didn't mind the astro projection until this issue where they came up with a **** excuse for it. They said that Cap
at one point got really sick and wanted to help, so he tried Remote Viewing and found he could do it and not only that but project himself to the battle field.
This was just stupid and silly, they should of not explained it at all and left it up to interpretations. I would of preferred that it was just his spirit making sure the world is in good hands. But they came up with an extremely crappy idea. But still I like the story of a soldier finding his strength.

Also I read somewhere that this story is out of continuity, is this true?

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