Captain America: **** Yeah!

Victor Von Doom

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I just saved the audio to my computer. I now have that playing everytime I log-on. I'm gonna edit it to just say "America....F*CK YEAH!" everytime I get e-mail.....


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based on that song (a favorite in my i-pod) and that movie (a not so favorite from my childhood) America freaking rocks:rockon:


Didn't **** any of those *****es
I saw this a few days ago, best song ever... I hope the feature it in the next Cap movie


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Watched that a few more times and still laugh my butt off... Makes me want to watch Team America again, lol...


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Oh that's ******* funny!!!

As horrible as that Cap movie was, it was a million times better than the TV show. Reb Brown. Motorcycle Helmet. That one. And that awful Spiderman show.

Or how about the Thor spin-off from The Hulk TV Show.

No wonder my generation is so f'd up.

America! **** yeah!

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