Captain Marvel series. Fall 2008 on WB.


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As LitG reports:

With the successful release of "300" and the upcoming release of "TMNT" later this month, there is no doubt that Warner Bros. is enthused about comic book adaptations -just not DC's for 2007.

So how about next year?

This is an image from the upcoming Captain Marvel cartoon for WB.


That is an ugly Captain Marvel. :(


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I'm not watching this out of sheer principle. I put up with The Batman while the stories were still decent, but this is just too much


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Ugly with a capital F.

If the voice talent is good and the stories are solid, it might still be workable.


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I prefered Alex Ross's version he had planned, drawn with a Bruce Timm style.


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Why are there flowers on his cape?!

He has flowers on his cape.


Maybe WB is trying to het kids used to homosexual super-heroes? I mean, Marvel has Northstar and Hulkling, Wiccan and Ultimate Collossus. And DC has Batwoman and Montoya...

*With a high-pitched, Hispanic accent* I dunno, maybe he's just a pastel de fruta or something...


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Huh - y'know, the style is definately weird.

But it might look wonderful animated.

I'm happy that it's a unique design. One thing that I loved about the original Batman TAS was that the Timm-style was unique. The show was Batman. What annoyed me about The Batman was it was a style I'd seen used on many shows. So while it is oddly unattractive, I'm actually looking forward to this - because it says something in this day and age when someone takes a franchise and dares to give it a style that is not currently a popular one. Especially since the style is a kind of exaggerated Grecian/Turkish-Richard Williams feel, which is appropriate to Shazam's mystical mythological appearance.

Hopefully the series will be kick ***.
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