Captain Marvel vs...Captain Marvel!

Which Captain Marvel do you like/think is better?

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Jul 24, 2004
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I was thinking today of the two Captain Marvels. I was wondering about who really is a better interesting character out of the two. So, in the old style of 616 vs UU characters, here's Marvel's Captain Marvel vs DC's Captain Marvel.


Who do you find more interesting? Who do you like more? What do you like about them?

NOTE: This is NOT a "who would win in a fight between these two" topic, so do not judge on that because that isn't the point. It's just which Captain Marvel you think is better.
Re: Captain Marvel vs... Captain Marvel!

i prefer Mar-Vell, i've barely read either character but i find that Shazam! is a pretty vanilla hero
Re: Captain Marvel vs... Captain Marvel!

ok i loved the whole concept of 616 Marvel being the father of hulkling and then they sullied him in my eyes and after reading Kingdom Come, I'm kinda into DC Captain marvel.
Re: Captain Marvel vs... Captain Marvel!

Marvel had one good Captain Marvel, Genis, the original's son. Then they killed him and brought back his horribly boring dad.

The female Captain Marvel did get cool in Nextwave, however.

But yeah, DC's by a mile. It's an awesome concept with a great supporting cast.

I recommend the 90s DC book Power of Shazam! to everyone, as it is fantastic like all 90s DC books.
Re: Captain Marvel vs... Captain Marvel!

I like DC's better. I like the whole 'Shazam' deal of the character. Plus Jeff Smith's "Monster Society" made him even better.
Re: Captain Marvel vs... Captain Marvel!

The only time I loved Marvel's Captain Marvel was in Earth X.

But DC's Captain Marvel is awesome.
Not read much of Marvels captain Marvel but I liked the dc one.

What do I like about him? one word

Seriously Shazam! = coolest thing ever , I say it all the time to my friends if I beat them at a game or anything really it's ****ing well boss
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Now if Ultimate Mar Vehl was in this it would be different but Billy Batson's the man. The Clash is one of the best episodes of JLU ever.

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