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Nick Fury sends a text to someone at the end of Avengers Infinity Wars. From there we see the Captain Marvel logo before he turns into dust.

I must admit before this movie, I hadn't had much exposure to Captain Marvel. I'm enjoying not knowing too much, and hope the comic book will be entertaining etc.

The third trailer just came out, here's a youtube link

Now I'm a big fan of the Skrulls and their interaction with the Fantastic Four, and that part of the universe. I would love to see them bring Glactus, Silver Surfer etc in somehow, but sadly I know they are unable to.


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I know pretty much nothing about any version of Captain Marvel (other than what I read on wikipedia). But I look forward to Shazam and especially Captain Marvel. I too, like going into movies mostly "blind", and I'm glad they don't adapt exact storylines.

I can't wait for Captain Marvel and Avengers End Game!


I can't wait to see how this phase will end for sure.

I also hope Hulk will come out and do what he does.


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REALLY looking forward to this, especially seeing how this addresses the history of the MCU.

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I remember Carol Danvers before she was promoted to captain. :) Back then she was Ms. Marvel (the black leotard, red sash, black boots costume). Now that she's Captain Marvel, there's a new Ms. Marvel, and if you haven't read any of that title, I recommend it.

But yes, Captain Marvel is on my "must-see" list of movies. I've been avoiding trailers and spoilers as much as possible until I can see the film for myself.


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So can we go ahead and make this a thread where we can post spoilers for Captain Marvel? Just saw it today and it was AWESOME!


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Awesome. So the movie takes place in 1995,
but confusingly they never put the date on the screen. The only indications are the cars, technology, Blockbuster, the young Fury and Coulson, and at one point they say 1989 was six years ago.
It's great seeing Coulson and Fury together again! Carol is pretty badass, can't wait to see how she helps handle Thanos.

makes an appearance on Mar-vell's
(who is not Jude Law, but a female)
ship. It was last seen when
Howard Stark fished it out of the ocean in 1945. It was presumably in SHIELD's possession until the events of The Avengers. It seems Howard Stark with SHIELD were working on Project PEGASUS (as stated in Iron Man 2) and at some point, Mar-Vell, in disguise as human Dr. Wendy Lawson took over the project. She later took the Tessaract onto her ship, which is where the Captain Marvel crew finds it and it's then entrusted to Nick Fury by way of the alien cat, Goose. It stays in his care until Loki does his stuff
in Avengers.

As far as Nick Fury's eyepatch, in Winter Soldier, he says that last time he trusted someone, he lost his eye.
Turns out that "someone" was Goose the cat. This seems to cause a conflict with the photo of Fury with Alexander Pierce (where Fury seems to be older and with two eyes), but he is also shown looking at a box of glass eyes. We can assume he used a glass eye for a while (which I guess was scannable as seen in Winter Soldier?) until settling on an eye patch. Even though he does use a patch at the end of Captain Marvel.

There are of course two post credit scenes, so you gotta stick around for those. The first one
looks to be a scene from End Game. They don't explain how we jump from 1995 to 2018, but I assume this will be explained in the movie. Steve, Natasha, Bruce and Rhodey are trying to figure out where the pager signal is being sent to. Carol Danvers suddenly appears next to Nat and asks, "Where's Fury?". I don't think she'll like the answer.
The second one
shows Goose the cat coughing up the Tessaract, like it's a hairball, on Fury's desk.

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Finally saw this last month, and while I don't think it was the best superhero movie I've seen, it was certainly not the worst. I liked it enough to own a copy, and to watch a sequel when it comes out.

I particularly appreciated the fact that Carol Danvers avoided most of the "are you sure I'm good enough to do this?" mindset that a lot of women superheroes apparently have to go through. After all, she's been trained to make decisions on her own and to rely on her own abilities.

Also the "big fight scene" at the end where she's told she has to face her opponent on her own merits, without powers, and she just blasts him. Sorry, honey, you don't get to the make the rules for her.

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