Carnage Revealed in Wizard!! [Just a warning, no spoiler]


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May 23, 2004
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Just to inform any avoiders of spoilers, apparently in the newer Wizard issue, Carnage's relationship with someone is revealed, I heard this from another board, so if you want to be surprised, avoid Wizard [even though most people do, without that incentive].
Do you have any sort of information for the people that do want to be spoiled? I'd love to know seeing as how I'll only get to read all of the Summer comics in the fall... I'm working stiff for the first time in my life, so comics aren't too big in my life right now.

The entry for Carnage says, "Clone experiment created by Connors using Peter Parker's DNA."
Hmm... So, what you're telling me is is that Peter is, in a way, Carnage? What an interesting take on the character, though I would rather have Cassiday come along.
What it sounds like is that Carnage is a modified clone of Peter. I don't think the intent is to clone Peter, I think it is to create something like Venom, and we might even see a reference or even use of the Venom suit. The difference here is that Connors is creating Carnage based off existing super-human DNA, since they now know that Venom was something of a failed experiment. That's how I'm interpretting it, anyway.

If you haven't read the issue, wait until you see the last page of #61. Awesome.
Hmm... Well, I hope I get it soon! Personally, I am still a little shaky about this arc in terms of how it is going to affect the rest of the series. Like, if Gwen WERE to be Carnage, I would be terribly upset and I wouldn't know what to do.
I really don't think she will be. It doesn't seem like Carnage is going to be even like a "suit" that is worn and possesses people; he looks like he's supposed to just be a genetically manipulated clone of Peter - with his powers.
But is he made of the same material as the Venom suit? Or do we not know that?

We don't know yet but it doesn't look that way. The only thing he seems to have in common with the Venom suit is the reason he was created. Different process, different makeup, etc.
Do you think he will be used for the same purposes, though? When I read an interview with Bendis I was under that impression.
In a way. Venom was a suit built to hold a person, take control of their DNA, and repair any problems. Right now Carnage is more of a living experiment with superhuman DNA. The experiment might create some solutions that can be implemented in other ways, but it's not a means of repair least that's what is being impressed on me at this point.
Carange looks to me like an amalgum of Oz (well Oz+Parker+Spider) and the Suit. An adaptive organisim with unlimited borders of adaptability to any problem. The suit concept adapted to wider aplications and with intelligence this time and Peter's magic blood. Or at least that what seems to be hoped for. Just my thoughts.
We'll have to see, though, because they haven't really mentioned the suit... I mean, they have but not with any connection with Carnage.

Also, I finally got #61 (Not #6... :-/) and I really liked it. The relationship between Connors and Peter are well written and explained thoroughly. I like what is happening here! Let's hope it isn't going to get torn to hell in the arc... Which it probably will!

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