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Jun 30, 2005
South Wales, UK

This was it. The End.

Not just the end, but The End. The complete end of anything and everything. The ground cracked beneath the feet of the unsuspecting inhabitants of the castle, masonry

falling from the building like leaves from a tree. From the cracks in the ground molten lava boiled up and flooded the ground. Suddenly, in the distance a massive explosion

blasted out, raining rock and lava down across the lands.

All present could just stare at the huge black form tearing from the ground, bursting from the centre of the explosion, the creature tore across the lands of the UC like a

burning blade, decimating all before it.

The world has been broken, a new age has begun. Lurkers and Centralites can only cling to hope… Mavericker has returned….
"The world has been broken."

The ground was cracked and ripped asunder, lava spewing forth from huge gashes in the earth.

"An ancient evil, long forgotten, has returned."

The black form of Mavericker swoops across the lands. As he passes, the ground explodes, raining yet more destruction on the devastated world.
In his wake, dark minions pick at the ruins, some scavenging the corpses of the dead, others slaughtering survivors.

"Nothing will ever be the same."

UC castle, once proud and majestic, lies in ruins.

"Only a small group of sur....."

"Hey guys!"

"Only a small g..."

"Guys! Look! Morgan Freeman is narrating!" shouts a small Mole like figure. "This has gotta be big!"


"Nah." shouts a balding man clad in a white jacket. "He narrates everything. I'll get rid of him."
The man loads his shotgun full of green, glowing shells.

"What? Oh crap....."


Coming Soon.
Chapter One: Tremors

It all started with a rumble.

Ice was sat in his room in the UC Mansion. He was filling up a bucket full of comics. When the bucket was full he pulled out a match.

"What are you doing?"

Houde walked through the door.

"Saving the world" Ice muttered. "I've stolen as many copies of Loeb comics released that I can find. Gonna burn the......what the hell?"

Suddenly both men were thrown across the room. the Mansion began to shake violently.

"We have to get downstairs!" Houde yelled as objects were thrown across the room. Ice narrowly missed being struck in the head by a flying Deadpool action figure.

When they arrived in the main hall of the Mansion, the rest of the UCers were there as well.

"Didn't this happen a while ago?" shouted Iceshadow. "You know, that time when the Lurkers attacked us?"

"Yeah I remember.... how did that end?" said Buttmonkey.

"You remember!" yelled Langsta. "That Scarecrow guy got possessed by the evil god and went on a killing spree so we used....."

Langsta's exposition of the forgotten event was cut short when a falling beam knocked him out cold.

The group rushed outside and what they saw stopped then dead in their tracks. Huge fissures were torn into the ground, spewing steam and hot magma from them like a pus

filled wound. The skies darkened as smoke and ash filled the air, bringing a permanent twilight to the world. A constant rumbling, punctuated with explosions was the

soundtrack to this horrific sight.

"What the hell is happening?" said ProjectX2.

"I don't know..." said E, stunned by the event. "Maybe some kind of huge natural disaster?"

"Maybe a meteor hit the planet!" shouted Mole.

"Oh no.." muttered Bass. Everyone turned towards the self-proclaimed Nexus, who had been suspiciously quiet throughout the event.

"What is it Bass?" asked Ice.

"Our worst nightmares combined." said the Nexus, pointing into the distance.

The group turned to look at what he had seen. Coming towards them, emerging from the gashes in the earth advanced a horde of unnatural beings, creatures only whispered

about. The main body of the horde was made up of warriors armed with woodcutter axes and shotguns, wearing plaid shirts and sporting large beards. They could only be

described as Lumberjack Vigilantes, or possibly Vigilante Lumberjacks.

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