Choose Your Own Adventure!


My Boom-Boom's mostly gay
Jan 31, 2006
Zoo Atlanta
It's mid afternoon as you stand in line at the Taco Bell. Outside, the blaring heat of the Kansas afternoon bears down on the cars in the lot, frying babies and dogs left behind with impunity. Behind you, a woman sneezes. In front of you, you can see the tramp stamp of the fat black girl. PUG LIFE, it reads. You wait and you wait, and finally, you stand before the dusty gray register, staring down a disinterested high school kid with hair to his back.

Do you...

A. Order a #6 with a large Mountain Dew Baja Blast. (turn to post two)
B. Order a volcano taco, nacho supreme with no chives, cinnamon twists, and a water (turn to post seven)
C. Order a hard taco, a beef supreme chalupa minus tomatoes, and two bean burritos (turn to post eight)
D. Go to the bathroom, because you suddenly realize you have to pee, and/or, you totally want to follow the PUG LIFE girl there and suprise her with some afternoon delight. (turn to post ninety)
I've never gone to Taco Bell.