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Aug 24, 2006
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Well, it's that time of year again, with the gluttonous screams of our economy and children plus Christiany crossed with Pagan rituals.

So what's everyone planning this season?

I've recently realized how much I hate making Christmas lists, because I'm not a material person...don't get me wrong, I love getting gifts as much as anyone, but I'm going to college soon, I won't be able to take most of that stuff with me so it's really impractical to get a whole lot. But my family keeps telling me to write down just enough stuff so everyone in the family can get me something. Which is about 12 items.

I started shopping today. Black Friday wasn't that bad, but then I stayed away from the big shopping centers.
This is the first Christmas I won't be with my extended family in NZ.

I don't know what I'm doing.
No it's not.

Grocer Man once again needs to learn about tags.

Christmas is near and dear to me, mainly because it pisses people off when I'm in the Christmas mood.

Normally I would post pics of my decorated apartment. This is not going to happen until tomorrow, as I finally finished painting on 90% of the house, only two rooms left, and not going to do them until Spring time, when I have money again. So today/tomorrow going to decorate, then post pics for all to enjoy.

And you better, or Muscle Claus is going to kick you in the nuts.

He's a pain like that.
Pictures of the House!

So we'll enter from the side door, into the unpainted and undone MUDROOM!!!

From there, we walk into the kitchen, complete with new stove!


Now, let's go into the Dining room, shall we? That's right former owners, WE MADE THIS THE DINING ROOM! HAHAHAHAHHA!


Notice the built in? Makes people jealous.

Moving into the Living Room!


Notice the darker yellow? That's called an accent wall! And a waste of a gallon of paint!

Let's go into the Foyer, and head upstairs, shall we?
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Staircase! This was fun to paint, let me tell you.

This leads us to our bonus room, mind the mess!


Olivia's closet is off this room, but it refused to sign the disclosure agreement. Instead, let's look at the guest room.

Now, let's look at the master bedroom!


Notice the accent wall here as well? Why did I waste so much paint!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Next time, Ice cream delight.
I'm really digging the color choices.

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