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Apr 13, 2005
Denton, Texas, United States
I took my girlfriend to Corteo for Valentines Day last night. It's one of Cirque de Solie's traveling shows. It was amazing. They were throwing each other twenty feet and flying through the air and doing nearly super human feats. Being the dork that I am the whole time I kept thinking "Batman has this type of acrobatic skill. If I would have trained my body to do this stuff I could be The Batman." It seriously is an awe inspiring thing. If you ever get a chance you should go to a Cirque de Solie show.

Has anyone else ever been? I want to go see Love in Las Vegas sometime.
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I've seen 4. Don't ask me their names though. It's all french gymnastic clowns to me.

But they are indeed awesome. I've seen 2 down at the stadium built for them at Disney World, a show in Las Vegas, and one here in St.Louis.

They're aren't addictive or anything.....but they are a one of a kind experience. Excellent date show.
I saw one down in LA when I was a kid. It was fantastic. It's probably the most entertaining stage performance that I've been to.
Cirque and BMG (Blue Man Group) are two of the greatest and most original shows out there, I love them both, and have extensive DVD selections to prove it.
I've heard good things about the Beatles show Love. I wouldn't mind seeing it.
I hate the Cirque do Solie.

Because I had to do them for an art project and my attempt at a cardboard sculpture of one of them bungee jumping into an audience ended up being a bright red brick.

Stupid art.
If I went, I would just keep on thinking about Patton Oswalt's bit about it.

"Where's the hedgehog with a boner riding a tricycle?!"

"'No sir, I do not approve of you marrying your lover, but I'll happy to watch you blow him on a trapeze in front of my family and I.'"

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