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May 17, 2004
This forum is where registered users can buy, sell, and trade their junk. At the present it is not limited to comics. All threads are moderated and thus require moderator approval before they appear. The rules:

  • Users must have at least 50 posts to be able to post a classified ad.
  • In topic of all threads please include one of these titles...
    FS: - Used on For Sale threads
    FT: - Used on For Trade threads
    FS/FT: - Used on For Sale or For Trade threads
    WTB: - Used on Want To Buy threads
    Unmarked titles may be rejected by the moderator.
  • If your FS item has sold or you have found your WTB listing, please update the thread accordingly so a moderator can remove the thread.
  • Users are limited to ONE (1) FS post at a time.
  • Anyone choosing to conduct sales with any other member of The Comic Board does so at their own risk. UC is not responsible for refunding any purchases of yours or of your buyer or trader or settling disputes.
  • State all items included, as well as condition and include a price. Asking for bids is not allowed. This is a section to sell/buy/trade, not Ebay.
  • Illegal materials WILL NOT be tolerated, which includes copies of games/music/movies, stolen items, or other illegal materials.
  • Paypal raffles/draws/scams are not allowed.
  • Selling/asking for participants in pyramid scheme sites such as freeipods is not allowed.
  • No ****. No adult toys/movies/pictures. Keep it clean and safe.
  • No spamming other sellers' threads by saying, "so and so has it cheaper" or, "this link has it cheaper".
  • NO commerical sales.
  • NO bumping.
  • Posts with links to eBay or other auctions will be severely restricted.
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One other thing - this forum is for registered members of The Comic Board who participate in other areas of the site. Non-participants are free to contact me re: advertising space.
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