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Re: The Passion of the CLERKS

Ice said:
Is there a link to it? :D
First post, dear master.

Anybody notice Ben Affleck is down as Bartleby for this movie?

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Re: The Passion of the CLERKS

Holy crap I'm hyped now, apparently after the preimere at the cannes film festival Clerks 2 recieved 8 FREAKIN' MINUTES of a standing ovation!!!!


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Re: The Passion of the CLERKS

this movie is goign to be great ! i heard they will b e releasing in some theaters a black and white version anyone else hear that ?

im trying to get some screener tickets !


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Re: The Passion of the CLERKS

The movie was great fun. I caught it at 10:25 this morning and laughed myself ****less throughout the movie. The acting is good; Randall is still my favorite character, though Jay got pretty close this time around. So many priceless moments and quotes...

Well, just for those of you who were looking for all these things to go on with the movie:

The movie is partially in black and white. The beginning and end are. And the beginning is piss yourself funny.

It is just called Clerks II, not the Passion of the Clerks.

...that's all for now. It didn't have as many funny-serious dialogue portions as Clerks, but it had its moment. It's serious moments are pretty good too, but not Chasing Amy good. But its funny moments are funnier. I give it 9/10.


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Saw this earlier.


I could not stop laughing. Best part was the dancing scene. Holy **** that was pure genius comedy right there.


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You know that was an interpretation of the buffalo bill dance from silence of the lambs right?

Because of this, I was laughing and yet slightly disturbed. One of my favorites was "Forgive me Jesus!!!"

o and ben affleck is NOT bartleby, the angel from dogma.
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No spoilers needed. Now this is a spoilers thread.

And yeah, I know the dance Jay did was that. I was reffering to the dance with the scene to the Jackson 5 song.
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Oh yeah!


you can completely see the development of Smith from little Indie director to full blown Hollywood guy over the years (I've been watching all his films save Jersey Girl all week). This one is SO drastically different in film tone to Clerks. But it is still good.

God, I love the character of Randal. What a great character.


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And the way Jay & Silent Bob looked and their faces with those pony tails... :lol:

And oh God was him showing himself naked minus you know in the movie laughed and went "Oh what the hell".

Randal. He is indeed awesome.
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This one:

God, the more you think about it, the more classic most of the lines become. I mean god...

trolls... racial slurs... I'm taking it back... (PM4Life)

We found Jesus... I Can't Look AWAY... it goes on and on...


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To be honest. . .the only Kevin Smith movie I liked more than Clerks II was Dogma, and that's only because it's a classic (And I own them all, minus Jersey Girl). Clerks II was the funniest movie I have seen in a long, long time.


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This made 4 million at the Box Office on Friday, beating out Super Ex-Gf and passing the first film's total box office gross. (3 million.) By the end of today, CII will make its budget back (5 million).

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This movie is pure gold!!!! There are so many great parts in this movie:
  • Elias's fascination with Transformers and Lord of the Rings
  • The P.Monkey bit
  • Extremely large body parts
  • Jackson 5 Dance Skit
  • Pigtails
  • Jay's Tribute to Silence of the Lambs
  • Kinky Kelly and Elias's Breakdown...."I'M SORRY JESUS!!!!"

This movie is hilarious. Worth the long wait? I'm not so sure about that....but still awesome nonetheless.

The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that 2 women actually want Randall. I call horse**** on that one.


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marvelman said:
Ice, we have, without a doubt, the two coolest avataars on the site.
:lol: I laugh whenever I see them.

I'm seeing this next weekend.


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Saw it with three friends today. Hilarious.

The only other of Kevin's "ViewAskewniverse" films I've seen are Dogma and Strike Back, and I liked them both a lot. Dogma's still the best of the 3.

I was losing it when Randall starts listing all the racist terms he knows for black people, and the LOTR vs SW scene was perfect.

I had a real geek moment when Lance mentioned the "Who Shot First?" argument. I let out one "hah!" that wouldn't have been too loud, but since I seemed to be the only person in the theatre who got it, it was.

P.S. Who wants to bet they'll be selling "PM4Life" shirts on within the next two weeks?

P.P.S. .....Pillow Pants?:scared:
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