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Feb 7, 2005
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I know there are a couple of threads on this topic, but this is a little different, im going direct you to an outside site. I've been using this site for while now...almost 2 years.... and its a good way to track your collection or see what other people have...and i love this site because if ya have a comic they don't carry you can go ahead and add it, its all free rein type of thing.

It’s free to look around, but its free registration to change stuff though

if anyone else uses it let me know and i'll add the link into this post....

this a is to my collection, its not all the way complete but this is 80% of it


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not bad....I could use that to keep track on how much I'm spending on comics...
you can use it for that to, it has the price paid and the going from for all comics.....
too load a scan in you have to have the scan on your computer....then go to this link and upload the image....

After you upload the image you go and click on the edit button and go the image box and type in the name of the file you just uploaded. See example.

You upload a image called spidymk105.jpg on the upload up.

Then going to the comic you wanna add the image to and click on edit, then you type in spidymk105.jpg (be sure to include the right file format) and then at the bottom of the page click edit to apply the changes.
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thanks man. Also is Spider-Man India any good?

i personally loved it, cuz it involved my ancestral homeland. Its one of those you'll either really love it or you'll really hate...

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